Speaking Garbage

Initiating a conversation isn’t something that one gets to jiggle around like crap. Ordinary lines such as talking about the day’s weather, are truly boring, and indicate a general luck of creativity in one’s life. Weather should be used to initiate a conversation, if and only if, one is describing what’s causing the weather to behave the way it is. Of course, I am disregarding the aspect of regurgitating general weather knowledge. One should be truly interested in weather details, and possess logical reasoning, as to why they would love to talk about the weather.

Light flattery has proven to be effective in initiating remarkable and memorable conversations, a long side with small talk. For this to work, either party to be involved, must be interested. Well, there have been times I used to deliberately force people into having a conversation, yet their faces truly spelt it out: I don’t want to talk to you. Good old times indeed, my favorite being a time when I initiated a conversation with a guy taking a piss. Surprisingly, these forced conversations at times turned out to be informative and amazing, making lasting memories, meant to be cherished forever. Springing up random conversations isn’t an easy thing, which makes I at times pat myself on the back.

Since we are desperately trending towards globalization of the human race, interacting and talking to one another is essential. Unfortunately, thanks be to science and technology which are ripping away human interactions. Not to be a hypocrite, as I am typing this out, I feel bits of guilt, as I should be in the lounge with family, having some good flowing conversations. Worry less, I am to join them soon, so that we can have a good time, smiling having fun, and appreciating each other’s company. Once you too are done reading this, you deserve to go and spend quality time, with those around, and appreciate their presence.

However, since humans of today are not easy creatures of mother nature, accompanied with lots of vast information spreading around, holding a good social conversation, isn’t an easy thing. Finding a topic that a couple, or individuals in a group are interested in, is another great hustle. Not forgetting about hurting feelings of, or offending those who are not interested in, or disagree with what you are saying. This is where trouble in river-city comes in, as one may be criticized for only speaking trash, or as some call it, garbage. This must do with a fact that we all differ in a way we take in, process, interpret, and react, towards information.

An important aspect of living which many humans forget is that, just because a someone disagrees with your personal thoughts of view, reasoning and logic, that doesn’t necessarily qualify that someone as if they are speaking garbage. Appreciating another’s point of view, as well as maintaining a good level of humanity accepted by society, are what we need, as we trail towards globalization of the human race. Not forgetting about vast accents involved from different parts of the world, there is no such thing, as a “stupid” accent. In case a someone sounds like they are speaking garbage to you, it is an indication, that you my dear deserve to break out of your comfort zone, and interact with other individuals, who sound different from a way you do.


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