Broken Comfort Zones

So much is cramped within twenty-four hours. This is accompanied by lots of tasks required to be accomplished, within a specific time. A twenty-first century we are residing in, is seriously dry humping the hell out of our lives. Along this comes daily critics, who are unwantedly forcing their heads into one’s life. Stress and depression, are a likely outcome, unless one lets loose, freeing themselves. This involves completely breaking one’s comfort zone boundaries, and stepping into a totally whole new world. Once one does that, you my dear are now, in the free-spirited lifestyle. It is a good lifestyle to be in, with limited restrictions, cares and worries of being judged harshly. Unfortunately, it isn’t an easy task, since critics are always on a lookout.

Not to sound mean, but everyone, as in every one, deserves to have a breakthrough in their life, and go crazy at least once. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a whole lot of craziness. Starting off small like initiating a dance with a stranger say at a night club, will be less awkward. One could take it to a higher level, with a hot spicy and sexy dance. Relaxing one’s body and freeing up the mind from all worries and thoughts, becomes a bonus. Table dancing and stripping for others, comes on later, once the excitement kicks in. Drugs and alcohol, do not necessarily have to be involved, and should be avoided.

However, many tend to take it the wrong way. Going crazy doesn’t necessary mean you do shit that will get your arse in serious trouble. A little trouble is accepted, and an officer may understand, depending on how shitty their day has been. Also, craziness doesn’t mean breaking rules, or putting one’s life in danger. Going crazy occasionally, should be safe, with no possible ramifications at the end. Also, going crazy doesn’t necessarily mean that it is an excuse for you to greatly damage your finances or hurt those within reach.

During this moment, one who is usually indoors, it is time for you to go paddle jumping on a busy street. Step into your fantasy world, and do that one thing you have always wanted to do. It will most definitely be worth it, with basically no regrets. Over the years, something that I have come to realize is that, shit I have done willingly, I have little or no regrets. Although one is breaking free and letting lose, one should never be pressured into doing something they absolutely do not want. A little push from a dear one is alright, but if your brain says no, don’t do it.

A life with no worries or awkwardness surrounding us, is the one, I strive to achieve. This is because, I have a thinking, if there is free interaction, accompanied with craziness in lives we own, with limited or fading comfort zone boundaries: amazing cool lifestyles, we shall live. Once we embrace awkwardness in daily shameful life situations, less harsh judgment will prevail.

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  1. I have been thinking about it, I guess it is time to get it in action. Thanks for sharing


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