I Will Be There; But They Never Show

For the cool kids across the block, they prefer to use ghosted. However, I am going old school on this one and sticking it up the arse. Any who, placing that bull crap a side, every time an obstacle sways towards I, all I see, is a new opportunity rising. This is a time for I to challenge myself, and overcome the damn obstacle. And no, I am not offering you an inspirational or motivational speech, to encourage you to get your shit together, it is all up to you. All I can utter to you, is to embrace your shitty life, and learn how to live with it. I am sure, a good old time graduate colleague wouldn’t agree with that. She would kindly tell I, with sparks of wisdom glowing in her eyes, “Joseph, that is not nice”. Well, since she’s far away, I get to do whatever shit I feel like, with no single ounce of guilt felt. But, this is causing I to take a strangest path of all. Time to do what everyone else does best: shift the blame to her.

Life we live, hold on for a moment, let I speak for myself as I am not sure of what kind of shit occurs in your life, but am sure you can relate. So, here I go: the life I live, is screwed up in more ways than a charismatic speaker rejected from a kid’s performance stage. In case you have been following my blogs and vlog, this shouldn’t sound strange, as for now, you must have got a full grip of an awesome scrambled life I think I live. And for those who have encountered I in one way or another, am sure they bear witness, that am perhaps the most positive someone they have yet encountered. However, hold your applause for a little longer.

Don’t judge I harshly, I am only a human striving to live happily. Unfortunately, most shit I strive to accomplish, it doesn’t turn out in a way I expected it to. Being a free spirited someone who decided to embrace his inner most arseholery, this disappoints I a bit, but it doesn’t rub off my groove. Anything I set forth and tarnishes to blacker than black, I spot a new challenge waiting to be smashed. New opportunities are always waiting from a near distance. One thing I am sure of: life isn’t a shitty straight path, but lots of work must be done, for one to become and live a life they opt to. Situation is worsened by one trying to be perceived as normal. This tends to involve a search for a dear someone they can share their screwed-up life with. However, this often doesn’t go as planned, as the other individual may agree to show up, but they never do.

Not forgetting about a common phrase heard by many who are hunting for a job: “we shall call you back”, but they never do. Seriously, what is happening to the members of the human race? Yeah, I know all about it, you have got all you desire, thus no need to think about others. However, for a moment, in case you are an employer, can you place your fucken ego aside, and step into a job seekers shoes? Please, at least have the decency and let them know, they were not considered for the position, so that they can tie up loose ends, and try their talents elsewhere. And when it comes to love lives, I leave that to you.

However, for a sake of restoring humanity, quit being a dick head and blur it out.. what you truly have at mind or heart. There is nothing worse than offering out false hope, yet you know it clearly, that you won’t be there. To I, bad news is better than false good news. So, fuck off.

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  1. ritanam says:

    It is sad being let down by those we trust the most, as well as those in positions of responsibility.

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    1. Joseph says:

      Yes Rita, all we can hope for, is to be better individuals ourselves.


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