Haunted Tipping

Are you an arsehole who never tips? Or you are a kind-hearted form of an arsehole who tips someone based on your attraction towards them? Well, for the latter, I sort of offer you a pass for now, but we shall have to polish up your ethics later. Ever since I discovered and learnt more about this thing called tipping, I have come to appreciate a few members belonging to the human race. Currently, every time I notice a someone who hasn’t offered a tip and yet they had too, I die a little inside. And yes, I am aware that not many are familiar with this tipping thing. However, let us learn how to cope up with society as we twiddle towards civilization and advancements.

Not to chant myself out as being a good tipper, but I think I do a good job when it comes to that arena. Of course, unless you offer I very shitty services, and my tip will obviously be shitty as well. Sometimes during such incidences where I am offered shitty services, if I am in a right mind, I think of a fact that perhaps the server is having a bad day. For then, I don’t make the situation worse by offering out a shitty tip. Somehow, I come to appreciate this thing of collected tips, shared at the end, and if amount doesn’t come up to expected amount, employer tops it up. And no, employer isn’t an arsehole who reduces it, when collected tips skyrocket expected amount.

The lines of offering out tips are not well defined. This reminds I of a time I was brain stack in a grocery store, after an amazing lady cleaned, chopped and packed up fresh fish for I. At the end, I wasn’t sure whether she had to be tipped, but I thought she deserved too. She had saved I plenty of time. At the time, I was new to this thing called tipping. So, since I am a member of a species which struggles daily to fit in, I dialed up a dear friend, whom I also had a massive crash on, actually, I still do. She is such a gorgeous skinny ugly whore. Any who, not only is she gorgeous, beautiful, smokin’ hot, and intelligent, she is also well vast with various aspects of social conduct. There she explained it to I: in a grocery store, those to be tipped are those who pack up your shit, and at times help you with it out of the store. Delighted and pleased I was, not fully because of having received tipping enlightenment, but also because of listening to brilliantly sound-full insights, radiating in her tingling tuned voice.

Out of curiosity, are you a someone who would pay for say a drink that was spilled over your brightly colored clothing, and tip the waiter or waitress? Or you are a someone who would scream out loud in return, and not accepting any form of offered apology? An incidence once happened: I wasn’t really into buying ice-cream, but these ladies offered I wonderful directions. On my way back, I decided to stop by, thank them again and try out their ice-cream. Unfortunately, upon arrival, ice-cream toppled over, falling to the ground. Since the waitress had approached I, I apologized, but I don’t thing I knocked the ice-cream, as far as I recall. But in case I did, I am sure it absolutely had nothing to do with her summer dress attire: freely exposing well-toned thighs, defined lines of keying boobs, and an amazing tight core. So, I paid for the ice-cream, tipped and left. She insisted to bring I another ice cream, but my mind was racing. So, I left. What would you have done?

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