Screwed by Doing the Right Thing

I have a demented delusional thinking, which clearly states that: I am not the only one who has fallen a victim to this sort of thing. Furthermore, if and only if a feedback could be obtained from our predecessors, only then, we could find out more. This could be in form of yelled out screams and vibes, with ancestors admitting to a fact that, yes indeed, they too were more than once screwed, in trying to do the right thing.

As days blend in and nights fade out, lives we live are shadowed with lots of white lies. Fortunately, many of these white lies have become part of societies we twiddle in; thus, these lies have become highly acceptable to many. Seriously, lots of people get away with shit like calling in sick, blocked roads and lots of other shit and crap. I am okay with all of it, given that some level of creativity and effort were put into place, in formulating the white lie.

However, not to be violent again, but I should legally be allowed to punch anyone in the neck, who ever tells I that they are late because of traffic. Oh please, poor you retard. Well, in trying to be nice, you my poor sweet little retard, allow I to officially introduce you to this doomed twenty-first century. This century is straitened with modernization, civilization, and fast paced creatures who are self-loving. More so, these creatures want to have it all, to themselves.

Surprisingly, a few members of this screwed up century hold within their souls, some level of humanity. Occasionally, this humanity buried and entangled deep within their minds and bodies, is relieved. It is during such times a someone questions their ways, and then tries to be a better person. This calls for straightening out of shit, and starting to do the right thing.

Given a well-known but unappreciated fact that we are all horny byproducts of Mother Nature, allow I to remind you of that time you finally admitted to a dear loved one, that you have been cheating on them. You then promised never to do it again, and would stay faithful from then on. Since I don’t believe in second chances, let I know how shit went, after admitting to being a cheating perv. Well, don’t take I wrong, I believe in trying again, but it will be different this time, since you already know about it. But seriously, have you ever been there, tried doing the right thing and suddenly it hit you: wishing you just left that shit and crap the way it was? Everything was going so well, blended and covered with lots of lies and wrongs. Suddenly, a thinking of struggling to do right strikes you: You give in, but as you start wiggling along and doing the right thing, shit simply tarnishes, making life harder. Suddenly, you are more like, you know what, fuck it, am out.

Something which many have failed to accept, is that: life is a continuous shooting camera, thus no actual step backs. Once one tries to take a leap of straightening out shit, it won’t be easy, but it could be worth it. This entirely depends on what you have in mind, and what offers you peace and comfort, once you sit back, relax, and ponder deeply. Sometimes, one must learn how to live with their wrongs, move and live on, hoping to encounter a better life. However, they should never lie to you: there is no such thing as a fresh start.

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