Twisted Caring


Chaotic lifestyles we are trending in, haven’t handed us much of a free state of the mind opportunity, to truly discover and express who we are. Shitty lives we wiggle through, are blended with plenty of crap, something which isn’t new. This has forced many to keep to themselves, regardless of blazing happiness or chaos surrounding. This reminds I of what happened when I was walking down town, five days back. Since I usually move at a fast pace, someone suddenly dashed across my face, while they were running. Shouts followed, I halted for a New York minute, letting the guy pass by I, then I proceeded to where I was heading too. Too focused I was, aiming at getting to my destiny in time, to an extent that, I never bothered to know what was really going on.

A few seconds past, while I was at a good distance away from the scene of the shouts, I then realized what the shouts meant. This was because, there is this thing called playing back of previously heard voices in my head, which I practice daily. It helped I realized that the shouts and screams where signaling to the crowd, to get hold of the guy who dashed passed in front of I. Shit! I should have been a better adult citizen. Well, that thing called adulting, I seem to be doing it wrong, as far as many societies’ perceptions are concerned.

Oh please, shut it, don’t judge I harshly: I have a feeling that you too my beloved dear, have done the same. What I mean is that on several accounts, you have ignored shit, looked the other way around, keeping to your confidence, or pretending to be super focused at a none existing project. On second thought, oh, goddammit: what the hell was wrong with I last week? I also recall spotting a someone laying in a drainage outlet. No, the drainage was dry and it appeared to be a mad man. I thought of approaching, but then, it could have been an officer undercover, whose cover I could have blown, if I approached. I am a very observant kind of someone, something which isn’t too good in social aspects of living. Putting it together, it must be because I am learning to care more.

In the past, there have been lots of shit I have been ignoring and choosing to forget on purpose, with a sole aim of staying focused at personal tasks. Some may claim that you cannot simply choose to forget something. You my dear, if you think choosing to forget something isn’t possible, you are doing this thing called living wrong. Have you never discovered or heard of the ultimate power of meditating? As humans, we learn to embrace, transform and adapt to changes occurring in lives we pretend and strive to live. Well, some humans are too stubborn to accept reality, thinking that life will always be the way it used to be. This is one of the reasons that I in fact feel offended, when a someone says or utters out: I used to be, or used to do this. Please, shut it. Is it still relevant? Why don’t you just do it again?

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