Your Messages Suck

Seriously, what the bloody living hell, could I keep replying?

I looked on my phone earlier today. A pretending friend of mine, sent I a message. The message received never made any sense. So much we shared in a past, but many things drove us apart. That would not be an issue, I am well equipped with starting up new conversations, even with random strangers. But it gets very pissing, when I reply, with lines of words, and the individual who initiated the chat, replies with a single word, which happens to be less than five letters. Fucked up smiley and emoji icons are on a rise. I will no longer respond to single worded messages, unless, it is a matter of life and death.

In this era, where messaging is no longer bloody expensive, why the falling heavens, would you send someone a single word, in series, yet you initiated the damn chat? Some may claim, they are too busy and on a rush. I prefer you do not respond, till you get time. Strangely, those who tend to claim to be too busy and reply with a single word or smiley, they happen to be individuals, who I always spot holding their phones! Can someone help I understand this?

There are also these moments of delayed replying, or never replying. Thanks be to many social media platforms, which indicate that the message has been sent, delivered, and most importantly seen. I no longer have to worry about, if my sent message was delivered successfully, better yet, see by intended recipient. I applaud social media designers, maintainers, engineers, and other personnel involved, making seen possible. Email providers, tend to provide this aspect, but we know, it is not very accurate, due to a variety of reasons: mainly, due to difference in email providers, unlike with social media accounts, on a common platform.

Fate strikes, when I suddenly remember a good old time buddy, shoot them a quick message, only to check a couple of days later, they saw the message, but gave zero fucks. I realize, perhaps I was trying too hard. As a result, I now dial the spin wheel of fun down, and roll the heavenly hell out. Besides, there is now this thing called weird internet time, where I get to spare a few minutes.

And oh please, do not get I started on individuals who reply with “shut off” messages. These range from “I am fine”, to “Yes” or “No” responses. It is known, if you ask someone in a message and they reply with “I am fine”, they are informing you to fuck off, and not interested in anything you have to say. No one can always be fine, it is a big fat lie: I still remember a day I visited some terminal patients at a hospital, only to be told by a majority, when I asked, “how are you feeling today”, and they responded, “I am fine”. I was very tempted, to flip them two birds, but I kept my cool.

How much sucky, are your messages or query replies?

Keep blazing, and avoid one word replies.

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