Dry Humped Life: 3 of 4

Boys will be girls, girls will be girls Constant screaming out of desires A vacuum seal was created Bound by retarded traditions and norms Wise sayings were not so wise Let your life be dry humped Boys will be girls, girls will be girls A penis used to be a vagina A vagina was always a vagina A penis changed back to a vagina A vagina gets a chance to be a penis Let your life be dry humped Boys will be girls, girls will be girls I had tequila for breakfast I stayed inside my house I never invited … Continue reading Dry Humped Life: 3 of 4

Heterosexual Chaos

Decided Entrapment Bound by norms of society, I craved a deviant path of randomness Only to be wholeheartedly consoled, By weirdness and awkwardness Vibrating through, A flawlessly perfected physique Decisions I made, due to resulting fear Trapped destined energies, I ventured in I was a drowning bug I kept breathing, my hourglass tilted Fortunately, I was rescued by a lesbian gynecologist So much we shared Very little we knew about each other We connected physically and emotionally Cradling inner strengths Enabling our thinking through a box Which yielded haling beginnings Only those who had sex, In a hemlock water dropwort, … Continue reading Heterosexual Chaos

Ricocheting Regrets

Sadness in My Positivity Sadness struck, positivity and joy, I delightfully chanted Enough was enough, fate sprung, swinging my soul On an enchanted scarecrow, owned by forefathers of time Misery, sorrow, and darkness; I blocked out of life For more than two decades: escalated and converged Shattering a wall, I built with schools of different thoughts A healing power of walking away, I once knew of Echoed through cries, trapped and buried at a distance Comforting foremothers of nature, were on a vacation For so long, I was stuck in-between: a past and a future A bad joke, with already … Continue reading Ricocheting Regrets