Quit Being a Lazy Bum

Feeling some pain doesn’t mean halting or completely terminating an exercise. You have to do the work, and push yourself further, and that is how we came up with working out. What makes one stronger, is an ability to push oneself. Conditions at which you definitely have to terminate your work out include: known health condition; tearing of a muscle, ligaments or tendons; or you feel cracking of bones.

Much as I encourage individuals to push themselves, safety is, and shall always be first. I do not expect someone to do a reverse bridge walk, on a slippery tiled floor. I tried it before, claiming the tiles were a bit rough, with increased friction. It was a bad idea, I nearly hit my head to the ground. As I approached the ground in a reverse bridge, my right hand slipped. Luckily enough, my left hand never slipped, and it is strong enough. I was able to hold myself high up, as I retracted right hand, and absorbed the slipping force. So be safe.

Repetition forms a basis of improvement in pretty much every life aspect. In exercising, do follow a relatively constant schedule. This tends to be a pain in the arse, especially between work, school, relationships and other life chaos. Choosing your priorities, comes in handy. An hour of exercise at home, is better than a skipped day, claiming you do not have enough time, to go to a fitness center. In case you do exercise with someone, this may be a problem, unless you live together. With differing schedules in differing life aspects, finding a time which works best for both or all of you, is tricky. At times, other individual(s) may not be in a mood, which alters your schedule: A main reason as to why, I mainly exercise alone. Most of the times I scheduled with others to exercise, they never showed. Other times, they came late, with a series of ridiculous excuses. It interfered with my workouts. Also, I realized that I spent more time while doing partnered exercises, than by myself.

Except, there is one lady, who up to date, I love to workout with, whenever I get a chance. During workouts, we switch between exercises, and there is no time for anyone of us, to sit and watch the other exercise, waiting for their turn: something I often witness. Partnered exercises, or working out with someone, does not necessary mean, you exercise in turns, and watch the other, unless you are spotting each other. Though it could be a good turn on.

Do stick to your damn schedule, and avoid skipping, claiming you will make up for it next time. Each day skipped, you get to pay in a great deal, and it affects your morale. Furthermore, a day skipped may turn into occasional skipping, then suddenly, no more exercising. It takes time to get into a habit. Once you are hooked, exercising will turn into working out, later into a hobby, by then, you will be having a blast. Find times of week and day which work best for you, and fit in your schedule.

Stay fit, and keep rocking.

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