Initiating Beast Mode

BodyOut Count Challenges: New videos every Wednesday-Tuesday, depending on your time zone. Videos are based off exercise challenges. Two to three videos are posted a week, depending on if it is general exercising or yoga respectively. These alternate in a way they are posted. For general exercises, I refer to exercises such as flutter kicks, leg raises, reverse bridge walk, push ups and others. Yoga mainly involves stretches, poses and meditating.

For general exercises, two videos are posted:  challenge video, and an explaining video in which I offer tips, variations and how one is able to improve and gain from their work outs. Modifications can always be made, to suit one’s needs and body. I also mention what a particular exercise focuses on, but avoid anatomical terms, to avoid confusion. However, since I mainly aim at endurance; for example, starting out with push ups, your hand muscles are mainly involved, but when you reach about seventy push ups, you feel some good burning, within your lower abdomen, and later on your legs, thereby involving your whole body. I try to alter and vary these exercises, from top, mid and lower sections of the body, to ensure working out, all major and minor body muscles.

Most exercises I post, I aim at attaining “The BodyOut Count Challenge Number”; which happens to be a hundred forty, or ninety; depending on intensity of the exercise.

Yoga week: I do post three videos: challenge, tips and Yoga Spirit Dance. Challenge yoga video mainly includes six poses, which run for about a minute, followed by about four seconds, to switch between poses. During these poses, I try to narrate what is happening, as a Yoga Instructor/Spirit Guide, to enable someone else to follow along. However, some poses are complex, and it is difficult to maintain concentration and balance, while talking. I started off with simple poses and stretches, which mainly fall under beginner’s and intermediate yoga. As we are progressing, advanced poses, are dropped in. However, simply because a pose falls under advanced yoga, it doesn’t necessary mean, it is complicated: concentration and body balancing vary among individuals.

A pose may be complex for one, but easy for another, thus there are no definite cut lines. It is good to do all poses. Worry less, for I always add on a corresponding Tips and variation video, which contains step by step instructions, on how to get into the poses, as well as benefits of the poses. I add on a yoga spirit dance, as a way of appreciating nature, its creatures, and sounds. If you notice, most names of poses are based off creatures of Mother Nature.

Every last week of a month, I post a video for Exercise and Workout Hacks, in which I mention simple issues and tricks, which are often ignored, or never thought of by many. For example, have you ever thought of how you step with your feet during a run? Depending on how your feet or legs are positioned, it affects your general run.

Don’t get caught up in exercising terminology, as it varies, just like in life: lift vs elevator, apartment vs flat, and so on. Aim at doing your exercises, and let I know how you do in the challenges.

In case you have any questions, send them in, and I will answer them, basing upon my years of exercise experience, and vast knowledge in human anatomy and physiology.

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