Expected a Shaved Vagina


Of lately, I have also been hearing a lot of shit, considering completely well shaved vaginas, as belonging to kids. Crap, how in the bloody fucked up hell, did I encounter this other piece of bullshit? Well, it perhaps has to do with this thing called being normal, which I have been trying out, since the beginning of this totally screwed up year. Everything, and I absolute mean everything, which I strive to accomplish, according to screwed society “norms”, seems to be spiraling counter clockwise, rather than in the expected normal direction. Speaking of expected, it is truly irritating, to bump into a someone, who expects other individuals, to trail along, with their delusional demented thoughts, and aspects of living.

Choosing to be a free-spirited someone, I am all in for doing you, or whatever on the screwed-up heavens of earth, pleases your damn guilty pleasure of a conscious. However, it is plain and simple: keep it to yourself. I am not in any demented or delusional way, interested in you trying to force it on I. In cases where a someone keeps insisting on I to follow their ways even when I keep replying: “I am not interested”, I am often tempted to go all ballistic on them. All that would be done, with a ultimate goal of saving humanity, for the greater good of the shittest uprising generation, following right behind.

I have stated this before, but shall repeat it: apart from being intelligent byproducts of evolution, another aspect of nature, which is enabling humans to survive, is that of differences and choices, occurring within members of the screwed-up human race. Rather than trailing a long, with tremendous delusions of striving to force others into doing what you like, wait for the night to fall, and initiate star counting. This too includes expectations, such as finding well shaved genitals, rather than twiddling deep into the jungles of unknown territories.

Let us also not forget that we a struggling towards embracing sexuality, thus no need of denying ourselves the pleasure, to be experienced on external skin of genitalia. Putting it in simple terms: consider two heads: a shaved one, and a hairy one. Which one of those two heads, experiences greater sensations, when suddenly caressed? Or, to do it singly, but still get to enjoy the best of both worlds, simply consider a bald guy. Ouch, that may have stung, but I delusionary think, it clearly drives the point across. A someone who claims that shaved vaginas belong to kids, could be the same person, categorizing small boobs, to be for kids as well. It is truly a screwed and messed up society out here.

To clarify, we have said vagina, vagina, vagina before, so, having totally and completely well shaved genitals, doesn’t necessarily imply: you are a little tiny human, commonly known as, a kid. I am sure, having hair completely covering your body, doesn’t necessitate to you being an adult. So please, cut the fucken bullshit, and get yourself accustomed into proper personal hygiene, which also includes shaving. If you are not into shaving, simply say so, since its your godammitt right, rather than using an excuse of not wanting to look like a kid, thus no shaving.


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