Unseeing the Seen


There is an intense and interesting level of awkwardness, which springs up, when a someone sees, what they are not supposed to see. This is mainly due to screwed society norms, seriously brainwashing, and dry humping minds of many. Strangely, most of the things or acts seen, that are not supposed to be seen, and cause intense awkwardness, are normal daily aspects of life. Given that a someone isn’t trying to “force” their ways and personal norms unto others, all should be well, in society. Thanks, be to progressive advancements occurring among members belonging to the human race, many previously abominable acts, are now considered as normal. Furthermore, exceptions are being drawn, basing on circumstances at hand. This sort of holds my clinging heart, with a little hope, that perhaps humanity exists.

I love how societies are accepting and appreciating motherhood and nursing. In most civilized and advancing societies, it is all good, and all is fucken well, seeing a breastfeeding mother’s boob in public, hanging joyfully in space. I am sure you will be considered a weirdo, if you suddenly get a boner, or aroused, upon seeing a breastfeeding mother’s boob. However, it is highly inappropriate, seeing any other “woman’s” boob in public, even if, swaying gently in rhythm. Double standards are witnessed in this situation, which makes my beloved long lost heart, be filled with joy. Indeed, I greatly adore messed-up societies, we are residing in. Plus, I get to have amazing neighbors.

Occasionally, a someone goes and checks on their neighbor, to ensure that all is well and good. Right? Right. And I am sure, it totally has nothing to do with your neighbor being hot, or you having a massive crush on her or him. Not until a day when everything blackens, and you find out: she has a fucken husband, with another kid on the fucken way. Crap. Yes, you read that right. So, going to check on my dear and beloved neighbor, it turned out she had recently given birth and was breastfeeding. Charming and delightful as she is, she got up with a brightening smile, and right boob hanging out, busting front door open for I. Unfortunately, upon seeing her right boob, delusions of fulfilling fantasies buried deep within I, began unveiling. Not to be a dickhead, I resisted staring dead straight at her hanging out right boob, so I struggled to keep my eyes, at her eye level. However, this was kind of difficult, since I am taller than she is.

I know, she must have noticed my struggle, since it was real. To reduce on rising level of awkwardness, lovely neighbor drew back inside, forcing her right boob, into her push-up bra, and I saw everything. I have a feeling, since she simply bust door open without inquiring who it is, yet with right boob hanging out, she may have been expecting someone else. Um, I wonder who in the hell it was? Well, hope it was all for the greater good, though I am not sure, what “for the greater good” means. Sadly, following that instance of seeing her right boob, I am no longer able to look my neighbor directly into the eyes, without thinking of at least dry humping her. Her being a breastfeeding mother, all should have been well, even after seeing her succulent delighting right boob. However, given a demented delusional fact, that I previously had a massive crush on her, scales got damaged. It isn’t unusual for something normal, to suddenly turn into some sort of weird fetish. It is during such instances, that I highly question humanity, including that of mine.

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