Shit, I have Neighbors

Well, I don’t know much about you, but for I, I am residing in the damn fast paced twenty-first century, where every moment counts. I aim at making and living in the moment, rather than living on moments. I have very little time to spare, thus utilize hours of each day which goes by. This has sort of caused I into gradually reducing my sleeping hours, which I am very much aware, it is a terrible thing to be doing. There is plenty of shit to do, yet twenty-four hours in a day are not enough. I find it not only strange but super irritating, when a someone asks I, if I am free or have some free time? Are you fucken shitting? I wonder how and where on this goddammit helly earth, people find free time? Maybe I am perceiving it all wrong: but for I, free time also includes your brain being free from all shitty shit surrounding you. With all the craziness currently surrounding us, I am damn sure that being free, is a hard thing to come across. However, if you truly need I, I will fix some time for you, depending on the situation.

Having limited time has not only caused many to become selfish, with a demented twist in the English language being termed as being independent, but has also set many on heels, chasing flashy dreams, accompanied with false and lost hope. Furthermore, with no time to spare, some of the traits which were engraved in my mind as a child, are long lost. These included being super caring, and always knowing those around you, deemed as your fucken neighbors. Sadly, the term neighbor is a bit tricky. Thanks be to several cultists, who are ruining lives of many, and taking fun out of life. However, I will take the term neighbor literary, referring to a someone you are stuck to reside close to. Following the time, I saw what I wasn’t supposed to see, I never went back, to even say a simple greeting such as hello, to the amazing and funny neighbor of mine, the one I had a massive crush on.

Thanks be to invention of screened devices and self-contained houses, which are enabling people to keep behind closed doors, even when having time to spare, forgetting about an outside world. Fortunately, most of these devices and house appliances are power controlled, which causes a halt, when say, there is a power sag. It is during such moments, that many people will get out of their damn fucked up goddammit houses, and get to appreciate a beauty of natural occurrences. Perhaps you will also get to spare some time, and say hello, to those claiming to be your neighbors. Yeah right, I will play along, following a trend of screwed society norms, which are dry humping minds and lives of many.

With a power sag happening with in my neighborhood, I was literary “pushed out”, to get to know who my neighbors are. I am excluding the one neighbor I had a massive crush on. The neighbor who I later found out, she has a fucken husband, a kid, and another damned kid on the way; shit. Well, for this time, I was to find out, what the hell was wrong with the power, while pretending to know the other neighbors.

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