Men Shooting Blanks


Retardedly, not only is this considered to be a very sensitive issue, but it is also a huge it, close to a world’s greatest abomination ever witnessed by mankind. Perhaps, it has to do with some demented medieval mentality, of being perceived as less manly, if a guy was shooting blanks. Well, it may also have to do with this thing: fame for some oldies queen being brave, never lasted long, since she was shot at with blanks. Now, you get the vibe, but then, why are we spending so much time, and directing limited research resources, to ladies’ contraceptions, yet there is this thing called menopause? Furthermore, one stands higher chances of coming across a sterile female, than a sterile male. And yes, I am aware of the complexity and incompatibility of “female hormones”, which are easier to manipulate, than a guy’s pipe.

I know, I should have been aborted, so this grants I an ultimate authority, to freely talk about this thing of avoiding unwanted and unplanned tiny roaming humans. Don’t take I wrong, this doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy living life to the fullest; in fact, if you follow my blogs, then you know, I ducken live life in a moment, and to the fullest. Rolling back to stopping unwanted pregnancies, I suggest taking it through the back door, after all, it is due to human creativity, that we are greatly rebelling against nature. No other species is clearly known, to intentionally take it through the back door: but great applauds go out to those, who have taken the initiative.

Since it is a fast paced and greatly revolting twenty-first century, roles have been switched. It is time for men too, to participate in birth control. And no, pulling out doesn’t work, just don’t ask how I found out: but if you insist, I am a well-known designated biologist. But the thing is, if you are a guy, don’t get your arse tricked into having some unwanted baby. And for all my vagina friends out there, don’t think that by tricking him into having a baby, will cause him to care and love you any better. A tiny human being a byproduct of a trick, will be such a miserable sad baby. And oh please, don’t try to get all technical into this male female man woman crap: it is known, gender is fluid.

What I am driving at is plain and simple: regardless of how manly you diluted yourself into being, or whatever size of a riffle you proclaim to possess, get yourself some contraception. You can go the easy route, a good in condition condom works fine – or you may call it a rubber; or go all the way with castration – saving the world a great whole lot of nuisances to roam it. Since life occurs in various shades of grey or gray, and various scientists are at work devising new male contraception methods, a variety are in existence, and many more yet to be approved, in a near future.

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