Gender is Fluid You Dick

“That is not so nice Joseph”, as she would say. But since she decided to tie I down with face to the left-side, dry humped a hell out of I, and still lied straight to my face, I kept believing. I clinged unto hope, as I had a feeling, perhaps there would ever be an us. I knew, I once overcame a Lesbian Challenge during a night out, so this wasn’t going to be a big it. I was only laying to myself, and I can’t think of what would be sadder than that? Heterosexual chaos I participated in over the years, had captured my thoughts and body, with no point of recovery, as I was trapped within olden sayings and beliefs. Here I was, a biologist trapped between two worlds, thinking and wondering about this shit, known by many, as gender. For those who take it up to themselves, as they search for the truth, they clearly know, shit in life isn’t black and white, but occurring in various shades of grey or gray, depending on your taste: so, should gender be.

Taking a break from the science aspect of life, an advanced social code of conduct compilation, defines gender as that thing, which categorizes individuals based on their sexuality roles. Unless you are still dwelling on shit which is dragging humanity back towards medieval ages, you must be aware, that roles in society have greatly changed. Even those who clearly identify themselves as ladies of the female gender, can ride the heavens out of a someone, who identifies themselves as a guy of the male gender, and both parties, enjoy. Having a “woman” in a maintenance department, is no longer a big deal, so is a “man” styling up a beauty contest’s hair. Soon, I will take on a role of waxing, and so will you dive into something previously defined as a role belonging to the opposite gender. For some whose minds and thoughts are still locked in medieval facts, they find this a bit difficult, as they struggle to identify their roles, based on their presumed gender. Why in the bloody heavens, would a someone restrict a life they live, based off gender?

Thanks, be to great minds, who literally spend sleepless nights, trying to understand this thing called gender. Great improvements have been made, and we can no longer simply call a someone with a penis a guy, or one with a vagina a lady. Thus, depending on your level of sanity, say vagina and you die, or see a penis in his mouth, and run. It isn’t fully well understood, as to what truly places one, into a specific category of gender. All we witness, is lines crossed, with various fading levels of intermingling, which clearly indicates: Gender is fluid. Although there are several successful attempts of rising awareness about gender being fluid, there are still many, who are afraid of change, and some, claiming to be self-proclaimed moralists. Sadly, many of these individuals are hiding behind organizations, deemed to spread love and care towards others.

Furthermore, I am still disappointed, with many “official forms” which make it a must, for one to identify their gender. It doesn’t make sense, since gender is fluid, and yet there are usually only two boxes. A few forms have taken a step ahead, and included on a box of “other”, under gender, but still, little sense it makes. Like race on some forms, identifying one’s gender, should be optional, with perhaps a description box, one essaying out, how they classify themselves; but a progression chat, would work better.

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