Living Life to the Fullest

Some aspects of life, such as reminiscing about the good old days, deserve to be taken out of people’s lives. Such aspects, are destined to be assassinated, with no trace evidence left. This follows I having been a victim on several accounts, of listening to soulless individuals, reminiscing about the good old days. Worsening the situation, these individuals, without much thinking, they possessed a gut to utter out, how they fucken wish, everything returned to the way it used to be. Are you fucken kidding? Oh, you poor little thing, you need to learn how to duck the moment, and enjoy this awkward filled life to the fullest.

Embarking on a new activity, deemed to lighten up one’s life, sounds great, but not an easy task to do. However, this is no excuse, for a someone to keep reminiscing about the fucked up good old days. And yes, I am aware, life has never been fair on all accounts, get over it, because you my dear, are not alone in that aspect. One thing I have learnt so far in life, is learning how to make decisions I can live with and not out of fear. It is not an easy thing to do, but as one trails into maturity, nature has it that, one must do it.

As one realizes that they can never completely survive walking in shadows of disappointment  or disappointing someone, one gets to grab decisions by tits and strive to make new memories, rather than surviving on cherished good old ones. This clearly points to a fact, one needs to learn how to live in the moment, and worry less, about suspected resulting embarrassment or awkwardness. Living on nails, sounds painful by itself, and one deserves to let loose, and enjoy bits of a life, they at least claim to own.

Don’t take I wrong, I am not discarding good old memories, let them be moments to be reflected on, as we prepare for more fun filled ones. A someone who lives each day counting on creating new memories, is a someone who is truly living life to the fullest. Many think, new created great memories must involve something that is huge; such as saving a world, or hooking up with a someone they are intensely and instantly attracted to. Well, those will be big ITS, but let us not forget about simple ones, which mount up to great good moments and memories. These simple ones may not even involve much effort: for example, spotting a someone down a street, with a cool hair style and you walk straight up to them and say: cool hair style. Only three words, is all that it took.

Let us break down life aspects surrounding those three arranged words slowly: By directly appreciating the someone’s cool hair style, you will not be left with a thought of wishing you had told them how cool their hair is. Secondly, complimenting a someone always feels fucken good: a good new moment is thus created. Furthermore, you haven’t been selfish; you just created a good moment and memory for the other individual. Perhaps the individual was having a shitty day; you my dear at least did put a smile on their face. A series of other scenarios can be captured and destined to making daily new good memories, which are meant to be cherished with in a moment. It is a fast-paced world now, and one deserves to keep on their toes, as a way of appreciating changes occurring, without expected awkwardness.

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