Sexual Struggles

I have been on a blind date once. Sadly, this blind date was setup by a dear someone I had a massive crush on. Well, I guess that fucken explains my screwed love story. I should let out a little secret: I still cling on tight, unto moments I cherished with my blind date. You may say then, why the hell don’t I simply dial her up and get over it? Well, I got her number the night we met, but somehow, the fucken number mysteriously disappeared. Worsening the situation, it was in college, and with all my techy-savvy brains, I failed to locate her. This is perhaps another reason which drove I towards research and forensics. Obviously, I couldn’t ask my crush who setup the blind date how to locate her dear friend, who I suddenly developed great feelings for. This was mainly because, I often lost my thoughts in my crush’s pretty cool and toxic smothering smile. My crush, occasionally tossed that above smile towards I, setting my craving feelings on a random strange trail of awkwardness. Crap, indeed, I should have been aborted.

Placing all those mixed feelings and emotions on a spinning and blazing wheel of who the bloody hell cares, there are benefits obtained when a someone steps out of their comfort zone, and decides to go on a blind date. However, blind dates are often surrounded with a rush of nervousness, blended with great awkwardness, as parties involved, strive to create a connection, by establishing similar grounds. This rush of nervousness blended with continued awkwardness, ravishes many hopeless souls, who are in a hunt for a lovely someone. Unfortunately, many individuals involved in blind dates constantly strive to maintain their cool, burying deeply their darkest of the darkest thoughts; in proclaimed demented confidence. Many are not successful, making it all too sad to witness.

I agree, it’s never easy meeting a new someone and springing up a conversation. Awkwardness and being termed as queer are the most likely outcomes. However, if you are one of a kind, who avoids going on blind dates for a soul purpose of avoiding awkwardness, there is a lot you are missing out on. Asking your blind date of how there day has been so far, is always a good start. This is a way better format of greeting, rather than the usual “Evening and, how are you?”. One doesn’t have to be a ducken genius to embrace awkwardness, but just a little spark of creativity and liveliness are needed. Also, a simple twist in how phrases are tossed to others, is essential. Asking questions is good, but don’t let the other feel like they are being interrogated. Being smooth, like an oil pipe, accompanied with smile-capturing transition of phrases, is the way questions should spring up.

Furthermore, one shouldn’t expect to receive specific answers to their questions, as they may already have a conversation scripted in their brains. Current or on going entertainment events, are topics well known to set a new or on going conversations rolling. One should feel free, stay relaxed, and besides, as long as one is in a publicly occupied place, with their blind date, what is the worst thing that could happen?

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