Sex is Evil, Violence is Good

For the Devil’s sake, God shoot I now. Call I weird, but I find it strange: it is okay to portray murder, even massive murder, on public media, but highly immoral and an abomination, to express mattress dancing there. How has the human race turned out to appreciate violence, more than passion and affection? Haven’t we yet been Uplifted enough by Porn? How do “action-packed” movies, get to be rated 12, and movies which involve creating and bringing forth of a new-life, get to be 18, at least? Or even banned, in a number of societies? Is this the form of destruction our foremothers and forefathers foretold? Has the human species truly lost its place on this planet of earth?

My favorite cartoon as a child, was Tom and Jerry. I enjoyed every little tiny bit of it. In grad school, I at times switched tabs to take a sneak peak of it, during prolonged excruciating lectures. I must have been drawn towards it, cause of the vast “mild” violence in it. I took a close look and performed a quick analysis on current “children’s shows”. I am mesmerized with how they get away with all displayed and depicted violence: A train chopped off a character’s head, and the scene was followed with canned laughs? Have the fucken raters become inhuman? Demented critics claim, it is all good, since it is meant for fun, and not an actual depiction of reality. Really? Okay then, lets rate porn G, since it’s not “real sex”. Parents and caretakers would no longer worry about what to say, when those two questions come up: How are babies made? Where did I come from?

A reverse makes more sense: public shows should contain more sex scenes, than death. Though my thought processing scheme is questioned by many, it has occurred to I that, many are entertained by someone doing a front flip, from a fifteen storey rooftop, and ending a life, but ashamed to watch a French kiss, accompanied with rhythmic pounding of hearts in a desire of passion? How demoralized have we humans become? I am fade up of witnessing sudden eye itching, when an intimate scene comes on.

Not forgetting about family dinner: an action-packed movie discussion, is highly recommended. However, should little tiny Tommy or Jenny bring up sex, vagina, or penis, little human will be yelled at, grounded, and/or punished. Little human grows up knowing that violence is okay and good, but sex is evil. Years go by, and grown-up little human picks up a hobby of violence. Family then claims: “was a nice kid, we don’t know what happened”. In a comfort of a relaxed state, a cheesy smile I bear in mind: yeah right.

We need to embrace sexuality, make it part of our lives, and avoid awkward moments, as we strive towards free interacting. For I, I think that public media needs to be embedded with lots of love making scenes, outweighing currently depicted violence. What do you have to say for yourself?

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