Tempting Help

Once in a while, I feel a need of wanting to take something; something, to push I through a crazy and messed up workout. It is always on one of those days, when my body is heavier than what my legs can carry, and am totally out of it. I applaud an information and research era we are living in, making it possible. A variety of enhancements are widely available, and easily accessible. These range from muscle, performance, energy and endurance, to strength and mobility boosters, among others. Purified proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins, can be added to the list. As a scientist and researcher, I applaud those who make existence of these enhancements possible, as lives, have also been saved, as well as demented egos of many.

Energy and performance boosters help kick start many for a workout. Unfortunately, issues result, since many of the boosters contain substances such as caffeine, which are not good for general health. This counteracts effects of exercising, which aim at improving of health. Avoiding of these boosters is essential, especially if you are like I, who aims at endurance. A number of good world class athletes have been disqualified, once found guilty of consuming enhancements, depending on organizing body.

Muscle enhancements sound very enticing for someone who is starting to exercise. This someone needs that quick fix, so as to witness immediate results of their “hard work”. However, the problem with muscle enhancements is that, they do not enhance or support ligament and tendon growth. Ligaments and tendons play a critical role in muscle functioning and support. The three: muscles, tendons and ligaments, have to grow and develop relatively proportional to each other. Bursting of biceps and deltoids, is a common effect of overuse, of muscle enhancements.

Of course, muscle enhancements will do the job: grow and develop you humongous muscles, if you do the work. Simply taking muscle enhancements won’t grow or develop muscles. Muscle enlargement is mainly stimulated by flexing, stretching, and straining of muscles. Some individuals over use muscle enhancements, which results in a feeling of excess energy. Individual moves unto heavier weights/loads, since muscles can accommodate that increment. However, underlying supporting tendons and ligaments, did not develop accordingly, causing injury. It is worse if say tendon or ligament tears, when one has weights above their head, with no one spotting them.

I used to take whey protein and multivitamins while in college. It was mainly because I lived in Hawaii, where food is damn expensive. Add on school and personal expenses, affording a decent nutritious meal, was not easy. Whey protein and multivitamins were cheaper and supplemented my meals, to ensure proper nutrition. I had no worry of over exercising, since I kept a fairly good nutritious intake. Upon leaving the Island and residing in a place where food is cheaper, I stopped taking whey protein and multivitamins. I make most of my meals, and ensure that foods I take throughout the day, contain a well-balanced and nutritious diet. By making my meals, I get to know what I add into my body.

Although cooking at times consumes a lot of time and energy, making of a decent nutritious meal, does not have to be expensive or fancy. One needs to be aware of common ingredients used, depending on one’s taste.

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