Ploughed River City: 4 of 8

Swinging my cerebral cortex,
Back and forth, through ravishing dirt
You were delightfully wrong, again,
For a painfully second time
I kept count of it all
Numbers I used to be good at
I was glorified and praised as The Great
And yes, brainwashing still existed
Especially in River City
Thoughts of residents in River City,
Were captured and sealed off
By a fucken decency center,
Which was later called upon;
In Delighting Misconceptions,
To evaluate an event, presumed to be,
Inappropriately witnessed by little children
At a corner of a street,
In River City
Representative from the decency center,
Wore his birth suit, too hot, it was
Ruling in favor of maintaining traditions,
In River City
Creativity and expression of feelings,
In River City
Were forbidden and doomed evil
Halting new findings and beginnings
Deemed to improve sex lives, of many
Causing brainwashed inhabitants,
In River City
To live in extreme fear
Harshly ravishing across,
In River City

Snatched from HeteroSexual Chaos, a Decided Entrapment, available in electronic and audio formats across various stores and libraries. All Rights Reserved.

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