Elite Researcher’s Cry: 7 of 7

Indeed, somethings never change
My urge, to become better than who I was,
A day before, could not be satisfied
Bread and butter, of the internet, seemed pathetic
I occasionally became agitated
Not even, wickedly seductive reality
Could tip I over, and plough I through
I thought, I was independent,
And I could do it all, on my own
We all know, being independent, is a proud,
Better way of saying, someone, is selfish
I was born in a dark, here I was,
Back again, into the dark
Walking all alone, with no one to wipe my tears
I searched for the truth
Harshly hardwired, I was,
To find answers and solutions
For anything, I slightly felt skeptical about
Later, I wished I hadn’t found those answers
The truth, was too hard and cruel to accept
My point of rescue, was covered with bunnies
Out of sight, I could not find it
A farm animal, in late labor
I, an Elite Researcher, turned into
Cries in my head, awakened, Grilled Angels …

Grabbed from Ricocheting Regrets. Available in electronic and audio formats across several stores and libraries. All Rights Reserved.

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