Give Babies Sleeping Pills

According to many, giving sleeping pills to babies is considered inhuman, inappropriate and inconsiderate. Every time I hear a dear mother complain about its little tiny one being a whiny bitch, and keeping her awake whole night, I suggest sleeping pills. I say mothers because, I have never had of a father complaining about a screaming baby. Perhaps fathers I know of, are jerks and abandon their babies to mothers. Anyway, back to the point: I suggest sleeping pills to mothers not because, it sounds hilarious and I am sarcastic with a dark and twisted sense of humor, but I like to think, I may have saved a baby.

By administering baby sleeping pills in a proper dosage, mother gets some good resting and she is able to take good care of the tiny human better. An exhausted human body is very dysfunctional. Worsening the situation, mothers who breastfeed: they can’t drown themselves in high levels of caffeine in any format, to keep awake, since caffeine is not good for a baby. Also, with baby asleep, mother takes care of herself, making her feel good.

The best part: By I suggesting baby sleeping pills, some how, mothers’ inner demons come lashing out like Falling Angels clashing with Rising Demons, revealed unto I. This shifts mother’s frustration from baby to I. It is very pleasing and entertaining, hearing frustrated mothers’ rants, directed to I. It is not entirely because I get off from anger channeled towards I, but I consider it a good thing: By mother directing her anger and frustration towards I, less anger she will most likely be left with, for her baby. Mother ends up feeling remorse for the baby, wondering what a messed-up world, the baby will grow up in, containing individuals such as I. This dials down anger of mother for a poor and helpless baby.

Many babies are smothered yearly throughout the world, by frustrated mothers. Worst case I have so far read: A mother pinned her four month old, to a bedroom wall and punched the baby, till it gave its last breath. Neighbors stated that the baby used to scream out loud every night and day. Mother was always very frustrated, and never well rested. Perhaps if mother gave baby appropriate dosage of baby sleeping pills: no baby crying, no mother frustrated, thus perhaps, baby would still be alive. Some may wonder where the heavens was the father? Father was an armed service man on tour.

I have received numerous complains on social media, every time I suggest baby sleeping pills to a frustrated mother. Some are personalized messages as friends express their concern and agitation, for I being outrageous. Fortunately, all their excruciating remarks never stop I, to continue suggesting baby sleeping pills to frustrated mothers. And I have a delusion: Every time I do it, I save a baby.

Give your damn nasty crying and screaming out loud baby, baby sleeping pills, in an appropriate dosage; get some good rest, and take good care of yourself, so then, you can take good care of your baby. Also, why the hell do you give birth to a tiny you, if you can’t take care of it?

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  1. Maggie says:

    It doesn’t sound pleasant, but unfortunately, I agree


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