Grabbing Social Media by Balls

In this delusional twenty-first century, anyone with internet access and basic computing skills, yet they do not possess an active social media account of any kind: they are against globalization and initiating extinction of the human species. But, there is, and will always be, an exception: I give a free pass to those above fifty years of age, as many of them give zero fucks, of what is socially happening. By some demented delusion, if I happen to be a recruiting employer or supervisor, job applications will inquire if you have, or ever had a social media account. Anyone below forty with an answer as “no”, they will be considered big fat liars, and there will be no further application processing for them. I may become a dickhead and unleash some evil; keep sending you automatic responses as to how your application is still under processing. Sorry not sorry.

Several friends, colleagues and relatives are wiping or censoring their internet lives. This often happens during employment, school admission and/or other application processes. We want to be perceived in a specific way, which is “accepted” by society. There is a trail of individuals against social media. I remember in professional graduate school, a few instructors greatly criticized social media. They considered social media to be a doom and down fall of upcoming professionals in various fields.

Some individuals are “old-school” and clinging to ways in which life and communicating used to be. Many forget, one of a few aspects enabling survival of man, is this thing called globalization, in which information and better ways of living, are shared. Organisms clinging to old ways of life are daily marked endangered, soon to be wiped off the planet.

Currently, though out of school, I connect with several friends spread throughout the world across oceans. Furthermore, I obtain most of my news about world events from social media, thus keeping up to date with all the craziness I perhaps would never know of. I do not have a leisure of sitting around to watch or listen to news. Important, crucial, and strange events happening across the world, are most of the time posted on social media by several individuals. Thanks be to several news networks which are joining the trend and posting news articles and headlines on social media. With social media, I am able to keep up to date, not only with what is happening with friends, but also events across the globe.

Much as I encourage social media activity, one should not forget about their safety. I welcome and entertain trolls of various degrees on any of my social media platforms. If I do not agree with you on an issue, I expect us to exchange ideas, since we are living in an information era. I have been unfollowed, unfriended, and I think blocked by a few, because we disagreed at some point. How shitty? Well, I know a good amount of my content is between the lines and awkward, but come on, someone has to say it.

BUT, and a BIG BUT: Anyone spreading information of any kind, in favor of any hate crime, I fully disagree with their existence.

Let’s keep sharing information and other stuff across differing social media platforms. Feel free to leave any burning and stimulating comments below.

Keywords: social media, global connecting, human species’ survival, delete social media account, altered life perceptions, social media and applications

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  1. ritanam says:

    It is sad when people start hiding their lives, and pretend to be someone else.

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    1. Joseph says:

      Humanity is on a verge of being erased from its destined members

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      1. ritanam says:

        I agree with you. People need to stop pretending and act the way they would. It is disgusting

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