Elite Researcher’s Cry: 3 of 7

Days and nights, my brains and mind Drenched in thoughts, and blazed with ideas Quality studies, I initiated, distinguishing I A new Elite Researcher, from the rest The rest, I found, in Frozen Hell, despite of all Burnt Heavens surrounding them It was I, the newly transformed Elite Researcher, In charge of it all A new place, I rested my brains, calling home My mind, was scattered, but at peace I could hear clearly, everything Sounds of vibrations, of a hummingbird’s flight Were calm, relaxing, and enlightening I thought I saw and heard it all, it was a delusion Through … Continue reading Elite Researcher’s Cry: 3 of 7

Rocking Devil: 8 of 8

Thoughts about the amazing and spectacular, Rocking Devil, rock through my brains Nights in and night outs, for the days, I borderline having seizures, and blacking out I admired it in everything: ways, style, minds, Wisdom, and more so, a rocking outline Causing reality to be sprinkled with glitter, The truth remained the same, perverted as always The Rocking Devil, possessed: Twisted styles and insights, of not only, Into a future, but into an outer darkness as well Very charming and touching, the Rocking Devil was This time, I mocked fate, I was in charge Technically, the Rocking Devil was … Continue reading Rocking Devil: 8 of 8