You Don’t Trust I?

Letting you in on a little secret of mine: when I have just met you, I completely trust you, as long as you are not wearing a three-piece business suit. There is something strange about individuals who present themselves in three-piece business suits. They are great on the outside sounding intelligent and brilliant. However, once you logically and informatively analyze words they say, bullshit and shady ways are revealed, hidden beneath their spectacular talks. And no, I am not stating this out of resentment or a hidden agenda. Therefore, apart from being uncomfortable wearing a suit, which as far as I can remember, I tried on once, don’t expect yours truly, to find I suiting up.

Any who, back to this thing of trusting you when I have just met you, I know, it sounds terrible and lame, but it is what I do. However, I am one of a kind: you only receive one strike, since I don’t believe in second chances. This thing where many are told to build trust with time, to I, it is crap and a complete waste of time. I literally take in all that one speaks, the way it is, with no filter at all, if it is within reason and logic. Alright, I am all aware of people not acting themselves, once around someone “new”. Worry less, I have got your back: often when I have just met someone, I come off with a weird vibe, creating awkward moments, to ease up into the other’s personal space. It does work most of the time, though now I get to realize that earned effects are long lasting.

Despite of all that I have stated above, and not believing in second chances, I don’t get it, as to why many individuals like; allow I to rephrase it: love to be trusted. In my diluted mind as some people in society think of it, I believe that trust is overrated. Maybe it has to do with this thing whereby I am an excellent observer: I have witnessed several individuals trusted by many, involved in the most shady and evil ways, which could not even possibly be imagined. Although I strive to wrap my brains around it, it still makes no sense as to why one gets all moody and pissed, once they find out that another party doesn’t trust them. These individuals are perhaps forgetting a key element of living: we are fucken humans, still driven by natural instincts despite of the many interventions aimed at kicking Mother Nature’s butt.

Call it being paranoid, but in my perturbed and delusional mind, asking someone whether they trust you or not, is not going to make any difference. Fun fact, no matter the situation, whenever a someone asks I during strange sudden moments as to whether I trust them or not, I genuinely reply: Nope, I don’t trust you. I know, it hurts many, but given a fact that you have asked I as to whether I trust you, it indicates doubt within yourself. Many forget, true trust is a two-way process: there is absolutely and definitely no way on this fucked up bloody earth, I am trusting you, if you don’t trust I.

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