Elite Researcher’s Cry: 3 of 7

Days and nights, my brains and mind
Drenched in thoughts, and blazed with ideas
Quality studies, I initiated, distinguishing I
A new Elite Researcher, from the rest
The rest, I found, in Frozen Hell, despite of all
Burnt Heavens surrounding them
It was I, the newly transformed Elite Researcher,
In charge of it all
A new place, I rested my brains, calling home
My mind, was scattered, but at peace
I could hear clearly, everything
Sounds of vibrations, of a hummingbird’s flight
Were calm, relaxing, and enlightening
I thought I saw and heard it all, it was a delusion
Through different schools of thoughts, I adventured
I had it all: awards; titles; honors; greatness
Studies, I conducted, and published,
In internationally recognized journals,
Printed in tongues, some I believe, were made up
To cater for all, who existed, pre-existed, and
Most importantly those, who were to come
Many years after I would be gone
Tongues were also captured from dreams
And my works, translated
The human subconscious, is a strange place
Imagination though praised, it had to be finite
I cracked my cerebral cortex,
Imagining of a new color
I, an Elite Researcher, accepted my first defeat

Grabbed from Ricocheting Regrets. Available in electronic and audio formats across several stores and libraries. All Rights Reserved.

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