Exercising with a Stomach Bug

I thought I experienced it all: exercised while ill, daily insane exercising for a month, constant changes in workouts, and the list went on. However, I had never exercised with a stomach bug rumbling deeply inside.

It was a beautiful Monday morning following a night of a heavy meal prepared by a dear caring someone. As usual, I visited a bathroom before initiating the workout to avoid interruptions or disturbances. Unfortunately, this Monday I felt ill in my tummy. But, but, it never caused I to terminate the day’s workout since I am always in for a challenge.

I began with abs rolls followed by leg raises. Abs rolls went well but after about seventy-two continuous leg raises, I halted and ran to a restroom. It was not a good feeling. A couple of minutes later, I was out and resumed with the workout. On and off working out continued for up to five times, till I finished planned out exercises. This happens to be the time that I have been interrupted the most so far.

The stomach bug I had was serious, to an extent that after workout and showering, I felt really ill. It was at that moment I realized that it was a bad idea: I should not have proceeded with exercising upon realizing that I had a stomach bug. I should have taken care of the bug first, then proceeded to enjoying the workout. Good enough, I knew what the likely source of the bug was. Since weekends are filled with trying out new stuff which at times involve strange foods. I turned my stomach into a dumpster which I realize was a bad idea, but absolutely worth it.

Since exercising and nutrition go hand in hand, I not only take note of my exercises, but also what I eat. This ensures that I benefit from exercises done. Don’t take I wrong, I don’t deprive myself of things I want to eat, simply because they are said to be bad. Many do confuse the facts and forget the basics. However, one needs to focus more on amounts consumed, rather than extreme restrictions from one’s cravings; of course, unless allergies are involved.

A twist in how a particular food is prepared comes into play and is very important. A common example is that of fast foods; when people are asked: grilled or fried? Many go for the fried version, and for I, I cut down on the grilled ones. I am not a fun of fast foods, except for fries, and they must not be dripping in oil or covered with butter. Not forgetting about very sweet foods which may cause an imbalance in blood sugar levels, these can affect working out especially when eaten right before exercising. All that one needs to do is to ensure that the amount and types of foods eaten, are equivalent to the amount and nature of exercising done. And an added piece of advice, is to avoid exercising with a stomach bug. Get it treated first, then enjoy your workout.

More exercising hacks, tips and personal experiences are found in Fitness Junkie, available at your favorite store and library in electronic and audio formats.

Available at your favorite store and library in electronic and audio formats.

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