The Healing Power of Sailing Away

I forgive but I don’t forget; so, whatever shit you believe in, don’t dare mention it. I am neither an Almighty nor suffering from brain damage; and please, never ever use a demented stupid excuse of having been drunk or on drugs.

Messed up traditions and society norms encourage people to keep trying and working harder with false hopes of it working out someday. However, we all know it that the clock keeps clicking and nights change. I have ever been a victim of that trailing bullshit and later re-victimized by it. Time came and I couldn’t take it anymore. I altered routes taken, clinging unto pieces of hope left, but I still implemented a concept of working harder. Unfortunately, a series of swear, curse and pissed off words tangled with spiced phrases resulted. I was trapped in decisions I made, wrapped in moving thoughts revolving in a life I pretended to live. A life lived was a mess and screwed up. It wasn’t until I discovered a healing power of walking away, better yet sailing away, that I got to know who I am.

Like any other healing remedy, the right dosage, steps, precautions and care must be taken to benefit from it. Of course, the beginning is never easy, but in most cases it can be worth it. It was time to try it out, and recapture my happiness and joy. Some may wonder then how in the hell I get to be a researcher; yet against working hard and keeping trying? Well my dear, there is a define line between unbearable circumstances and having a complete passion for something. Having such a passion dials down time spent, thus doesn’t count, and it’s a profession; now shut it.

I have also come to accept a fact that it is better to quit shit, and try one’s talents elsewhere, rather than wasting time trying again and again, and again, and again; especially when it comes to social life. A hint of such a great piece of advice was shadowed into my face during junior high by a music instructor. At the time, neither the tone nor pitch of my voice fell within acceptable musical ranges, and I was told to try my talents elsewhere. It was a spine chilling and hair-raising moment, given the nature of enthusiasm I had for wanting to join the school choir. This caused tremendous frustration, worsened by junior high social crap. However, I should have taken the advice and tried my talents elsewhere.

Adding on years of living, experience and traveling, I have learnt a lot more about a thing of not forcing matters and issues which are not working out. This doesn’t mean that I offer a onetime try and then quit, but there is a formality I pretend to follow. I am not going to hang around on something I clearly vision as not working out. And for the social aspect of it, am out. However, a comfort of discovering the healing power of sailing away has earned I a feeling of less worries, causing I to be happier and save plenty of time. I can’t forget nor ignore the social aspect of playing hard to get, as many waste time stuck in it. It is hard to explain the relief or good feeling one gets when they quit, giving up shit disturbing them and walk or sail away, trying talents elsewhere. It is absolutely worth it and everyone deserves to try it out. It will work, if and only if, you let it.

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Available in Electronic and Audio formats

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  1. Nadine says:

    That same thing about the choir happened to my dad, it scarred him creatively for life! They asked him to “mouth the words.”
    However, he became a proud member of a choir late in life, at my mom’s convincing. He has a beautiful voice, as do most people, once given the opportunity to practice using it.
    Great as always dear Joseph, yes, the healing power of not forcing things, indeed sailing away rather than trying to break through obstacles, and hopefully within the winds of synergistic blessings.

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    1. Joseph says:

      Am glad dad got the hang of it. Unfortunately for I, I gave up singing for an audience except cracking up one to cheer the surrounding.😉😆😅 But, but, I am always a rockstar once I step in front of my dressing mirror 😊😑😎😎😎🤘

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nadine says:

        😆Ahahaha I love that image 🎸🎤🕺

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Joseph says:

        Jump in and let’s roll the raft dear 😊🙈🏄

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Nadine says:

        “Roll the raft” even better lol!! 🏄‍♂️🏄‍♀️I’m definitely in. :)) 🌊👯‍♂️👌

        Liked by 1 person

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