Trusted Failure 3 of 9

My favorite show of all times,
Was to air a new season
Her and I, were to have a quickie
To have an escapade,
A change in place, as well as saving time
Were of essence
A kitchen counter, happened to be nearby
Climbing on top of it,
Was a whole exciting session,
Of unplanned foreplay
I never calculated that time in
Means to save time, were required
She was very considerate
She decided to take off one shoe, and,
One trouser leg
However, not much time was saved
Faking an orgasm, and retracting,
Were my savior options
It was a right call, I never regretted it
Her and I, were simply housemates
Who often had encounters
And intensely enjoyed each other’s body,
Agreeing: no strings,
Were ever to be attached

Grabbed from HeteroSexual Chaos, available in electronic and audio formats at your favorite store and libraryHeteroSexual Chaos Book Cover

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