Looks are Better than Personality


“Inner beauty is what is important when finding a partner”, yeah right… pervert. One thing I am sure about is that brains can never be fucked or cuddled, although many speculate that I have fucked up brains. A Dry Humped Life we twiddle in through a Decided Entrapment, is ravished with delusions of hallucinating thoughts. Many claim not to be mentally challenged; all is well, and all is fine. As time spins through space, I have learnt a lot about this thing called acceptance. Days in and nights out, excel at pretending to enjoy a messed-up fact of blending in, and never wanting to be called strange. Fortunately, giving fucks of caring about what others think or say about I, is slowly and steady losing a place in my soul. That’s if I still own one. The last I did a personal evaluation, let’s say: results were miss-calibrated.

Encountering someone for a first time initiates a quick analysis, basing entirely on physical outlook and actions. I thus confess, when we first met, probably till to the present, I judge you harshly based solely on general outlook. I must be among the demented few, capable of accepting daily life situations, which many struggle to keep hidden from the public. Not many can accept the reality, but I know for sure: looks are better than personality. It is easy to alter personality, but physical outlook is on another whole lot doomed forum. Furthermore, I don’t think you will ever find I dry humping a potato, given its inner beauty of deliciousness.

Some are perceiving I as shallow minded, stating a fact that looks are better than personality. Oh please, cut the crap and accept the hell of truth, hidden in your Altered Life Perceptions, filled with misconceptions and misperceptions. Thanks be to stupid norms, culture and traditions. I wish humans listened more to what they say, and lived by it. Humans need to know that one can never fully grasp and understand a person’s personality, and it can be faked. Besides, a twenty-first century we are revolving in is blended with eyes focused on screens. We constantly have altering personalities basing on interactions encountered. Let us not forget that a natural born thug will twist personality, with an aim of getting close to someone they are attracted to.

This reminds I of the times I tell individuals that they look smart. I confess again: in most cases, I tell it to those who have caught my eye, that is to say, those who are sultrily dressed. In a normal mind, I don’t remember ever telling someone dressed in a three-piece business suit that they look smart: regardless of gender. Sshh, shut your face: gender is fluid. Well, I am not a total twat. Once in a while, I pretend being polite when a close one is dressed too formal for life. In trying out society’s norms, I flatter out to individual how good they look. Time to cut the crap and accept a fact that indeed: Looks are way better than Personality: since personality is easier to alter.

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