Sweating Misconceptions

A firm no; excessive sweating doesn’t imply excess fat loss. Fat loss and sweating are not in any way directly related. Fat loss has to do with break down of fat storage deposits to release energy when required. This occurs when immediate body energy stores are depleted and the body “taps” into energy stored in fats. A lot of energy is stored in fat deposits. It thus makes sense that for one to lose excess fat, the body must be worked extremely hard to utilize the extra energy in fats. Alternatively, the body would be placed under “strain” such as fasting, forcing the body to utilize the fat. However, care must be taken when using the fasting approach, to not deprive oneself of essential nutrients such as vitamins which must be taken daily, and are not stored by the body.

It is sad that a good number of people relate sweating to losing fat. Sweating has to do with excretion, a process in which the body discards toxic wastes, regulating body temperature and water levels. The latter two have to do with temperature of the surrounding and how much water one consumes. On a hot day, one who consumes large amounts of fluids sweats a lot which is not an indication of them losing fat. As a result, one striving to lose fat should focus more on exercising and diet, rather than how much they sweat during a workout. And yes, you can lose fat by weight lifting and yoging; not only by cardio workouts.

I love sweating and it motivates I to push further. I get a comfort of being wet, drenched in water, an element of life. Am impressed when I encounter a sweaty individual following a workout session. I nod with respect of acceptance, acknowledging their efforts, vibrating with focus and pains. I don’t care what kind of exercise is done; as long as you are bloody sweaty, it’s hot. No matter what I am wearing, let it be a three-piece business suit, a very sweaty dear someone deserves a full-body contact hug. And no, I exclude individuals who exercise in a hot atmosphere wearing a sweater or hoodie.

Unfortunately, some consider sweating to be gross and nasty. Some stretch further, making it a reason as to why they hate exercising. Yes, I know, I used the “h” word. As a trainer, I have heard it several times, as an excuse for individuals never showing up again. Use of anti-perspiring beauty products which prevent sweating, are highly discouraged. They block body pores, preventing discarding off of nitrogenous and other toxic wastes through sweat.

Not forgetting an important aspect of cooling the body, next time you are pumped up exercising like hell and dripping like heavens, don’t wipe off the sweat. Let the sweat do its job and cool you off, as you pump harder. For the devils’ sake, I am exhausted of encountering workout selfies in which individuals exclusively aim at displaying their latest cool active wear. I dare challenge you, from now on to post workout/gym selfies when super sweaty and dripping like heavens. They will get hearts or thumbs up.

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