Elite Researcher’s Cry: 6 of 7

In an urban, well-settled metropolitan area,
Occupied with several Burnt Heavens,
I resided
It was wonderful, it was marvelous
With access to all, I ever craved and dreamt of:
A fast paced life, with limited time,
To try and figure out, other humans around
How their lives are, or what they hoped to accomplish
Immortality, was a concept, I was working on
Not so interesting facts, I found out about it
Immortal humans, would be a total nuisance
At least, at the moment, mortal humans,
Live, and know, one day they will be gone
Some live to their fullest, thus less time is wasted
I had to leave it that way
I was not interfering again, in matters and issues
Which weren’t mine
I tried it before, and it got I here
Somehow, I was starting to enjoy this place
Many lives, I encountered, from differing nations
I was interested,
To find out more, about their actual lives
Pretense, and a genuine smile, I masked onto my face
A community, I lived in,
I suddenly developed interest in
Blending with those, I hated the most
They were my people, together we rejoiced
Another day went by
I, an Elite Researcher, became miserable

Grabbed from Ricocheting Regrets. Available in electronic and audio formats across several stores and libraries. All Rights Reserved.

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