Elite Researcher’s Cry: 4 of 7

Positive, enthusiastic, courageous, brave
A list goes on, I was determined,
To scoop every medal of greatness
Ever established, by the human species, and
Any other form of life, I was yet to discover,
Found on different planets, far beyond my touch
I was on a mission, a personally designed mission
Motivated, yet realistic, I was to achieve it all
Everything, I ever imagined or thought of,
Came to life
Greatness, I still had
News anchors from unexpended nations
Together with their messengers and assistants
Reviewed my works and studies
Daily publications, to accommodate less fortunate,
Were published and distributed, freely
Everyone, had to know it all:
My doings, my works, my studies, I was great
With other highly distinguished researchers,
I coordinated, supervised, shared thoughts
And most of all, we shared ideas
Everyone’s idea, was weighed, and judged harshly
Only facts, logic and reason, were rationally considered
Despite my status, as an Elite Researcher,
I never forgot, who really I was, a human
Raised on scientific basics, principles and concepts
These, made I, a great, a best I was
A trend, they started for I
Now, state of the art services, I offered
For a chosen few, who I thought mattered
It never depended on who they were, or their status
A choice, I daily made, as I crashed from within
An Elite Researcher, I was, I began to fade

Grabbed from Ricocheting Regrets. Available in electronic and audio formats across several stores and libraries. All Rights Reserved.

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