Elite Researcher’s Cry: 5 of 7

Inventions were a necessity
New revolving eras, I the Elite Researcher
I initiated and guided; it was all on my watch
New eras, densely embedded with, and deeply in:
Sciences, technologies, discoveries, and innovations
All aiming at: advancing, sophisticating,
And simplifying, of our daily lives
Cutting edge technology, I had unlimited access to
So experienced, and inspirational, I was
The brightest and most intelligent brains
Including those, currently residing on mars
Fulfilling my predecessor’s anticipations
And plans
A few works, of my predecessor, my transformer,
The one and only: the greatest of the great
An elite of the elite, the Architect
The Cadaver Architect, still lived on
Her works, were brought to life, by I, now the great
She must be proud, of all I have done and achieved
One day, I the Elite Researcher, and The Architect
Shall stand side by side, brainstorming,
Exchanging ideas
A whole new alternate universe, will be created
New brains, I will train
The Architect, will supervise
Ready and prepared, the brains will be
For a current, diverse, improved
And drastically changing tomorrow
I the Elite Researcher, will be praised

Grabbed from Ricocheting Regrets. Available in electronic and audio formats across several stores and libraries. All Rights Reserved.

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