Of Course, She Has a Vagina

Great shout outs, to this goddammit twenty-first century, in which the obvious is no longer necessarily, the expected. Many, including previously redefined self-proclaimed retards, are accepting reality. This has reached an extent of searching for the truth, instead of holding unto traditional fucked up believes. These believes were known by many, before they were pushed out, alright, pipe the hell down, for some may have been simply squirted out. I know, it is becoming a common phrase, as gender is slowly, and widely getting to be accepted as being fluid. I love where this trend of sexual awareness is heading to, and I have a good feeling, it is all for the greater good of humanity, and globalization. In case you my dear are still in doubt, search for cases where parental tests have proved that, it is very possible and likely, for twins, to have different biological fathers. Isn’t that amazing and awesome as fuck? I know, let it sink in, as you let your life be dry humped.

An issue of individuals being super sensitive is slowly getting erased from hearts of many. Zero fucks, are currently given, on several occasions. However, my only worry is that humanity is being lost in the process. A few humans, are turning to violence, instead of spreading love and peace. It is a shame, that we humans have chosen and accepted violence to be normal and part of societies we live in. As a demented form of compensation, many are shying away from activities involving sexuality, which activities focus on uniting, and creating happiness. I seem to be dialing off the wagon, but it is a strange life we are living, as things are not truly as they seem, worse still, opt to be. This sort of explains a reason as to why, when in doubt or have a query about a someone, no matter how obvious it seems, I will proceed and ask them in person. This helps I get a better and somehow right response, rather than proceeding with assumptions.

Take an instance of spotting a possible mate to be, who happens to be smoking hot as a Cuban cigar, winding and grooving on a dance flow. A glance tossed towards you by this hot specimen, signals to you that yes indeed, they are the person you would love to at least have coffee or tea with. In a back of your diluted mind, you quickly assume, given their level of hotness, they are most probably taken, so you chill out, and keep day dreaming, how cool it would be with them. Halt that for a moment, why not head over there and ask? What’s the worst that would happen?

Rejection? Well, that has become part of society. I will think about it? A clear suggestion that fuck off, I am not interested, thus go find better shit to do. A series of rants directed right in your face? Point taken, walk away and keep reminiscing of how it would have been in case they said yes. Or worse still, receiving a retarded slap across your cheek? Oh sweetie, you need to work on your approach towards potential partners. However, despite of all that, one shouldn’t simply assume, but take an initiative, to find out what truly the situation is.

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