Shadows of Disappointment

Flawless perfection, state of the art, paragon ways and the list goes on, is what we always prefer to offer to a dear one. “Error is to human”, is a fucked up good old wise saying, which has sneaked its creepiness in this week’s article. Sadly, though it is a demented old wise saying, many of us have abandoned and completely ignored it. And yes, I am aware, it is in human nature to ignore what someone clearly knows, but chooses to ignore it. This is all done, with tremendous hopelessness of coming out as a damn winner. Situation quickly escalates, if someone was trying to impress another.

It isn’t unusual for shit to spiral out of control, and everything ends up going perfectly so wrong. When we plan to impress a dear someone, we tend to neglect the obvious; such as circumstances surrounding the event meant to happen. At the end, if crap doesn’t go as one planned, embarrassment of varying levels, floods over the someone. Furthermore, awkwardness results, when this someone comes in proximity with shadows of disappointed individual.

Worry less my sweet little angel, for I come to you as a living example. Since I aim at screwing with retarded lame norms of society with my altered perceptions about life daily, I turn out to be a perfect disappointment to many. Fortunately, many of those I am a huge disappointment to, they are self-proclaimed moralists. In most cases, these self-proclaimed moralists forget about actual issues affecting societies. I tried to impress them all, but it turns out that I was doing a terrible job. However, I at times feel a little awkward, when I get to interact with these self-proclaimed moralists.

Let us not forget that another thing which makes us human, is our ability to be disappointed, and disappoint others. Since apologies are overrated, one deserves to embrace a fact, that they disappointed someone, and should learn how to live with it. Over the years, I have learnt to grab decisions by tits, as a way of keeping I sane. Furthermore, since life isn’t a one-way street, there is always an alternate route to take, when all shit blows south ways. This shouldn’t be confused with second chances, since there is no such a thing as second chances.

Time spent by a someone feeling sorry, after screwing up and disappointing someone, could be spent creatively designing a cheap gift, to present to the disappointed individual. Accepting and embracing the fact and reality that you disappointed a someone, is a brave thing to do. Not many can pull it off, and live with themselves. During such a situation, some completely forget about their own happiness, or endeavors they initiated in their works. Personal happiness should be on the front raw of everyone, as a way of being happy, and living cheerfully. Dialing a bit back to the old saying of error is to human, it is through such errors, that one identifies those who truly shall be there for them.

As a precaution, kick those who are constantly disappointed at you, out of your life. This form of kicking could be done directly, indirectly, or literally.

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