Trending Retardedness

A dear someone: “l am trying to figure out what is wrong with my damn stupid phone”.
Joseph: Wait, is that a fancy way of saying you are Googling the shift out of it?
The dear someone stared at I and smiled in suspense.

It is an interesting world out there when it comes to interacting and relating with others. For you my dear who spends most of their time looking up whatever crap on a screen, you are truly missing out. And yes, this too applies to those who claim to be great readers of literature; better get out there, and experience pride displayed by others. It is fully part of human nature, for one to try their best, to display and portray superiority among others. Reasons as to why this happens do vary, but they all converge to one aiming at being recognized, or fulfilling something.

Unfortunately, trouble tends to trend in, during times of tempting to portray superiority. It doesn’t really matter what the source of the trouble is. What truly matters, is what a someone does, when trouble decides to rock a blazing hell, into their life? This is where trending retardedness of pride, is witnessed in full capacity. It is perfectly fine, for one to boast and display their ego, even during times of trouble, but what is never okay, is one failing to accept, they are in fucked up trouble. This doesn’t necessarily mean, you graffiti your troubles and worries on walls across streets.

Not once, or twice, or three times, but on several accounts; I being a free spirited and random individual, have I been in trouble. However, also on several accounts, I have placed my pride aside, and searched for insights, to overcome troubles. These insights are from several individuals, some of whom to present day, I have no idea as to who in the heavenly hell they are. Strange as that sounds, I still maintain respectable dignity and coolness, in a life I live.

It is never easy for one to admit they are in trouble, or are seeking out for help, most especially from an irrelevant or obvious source. If in doubt, when was a last time you read a user’s manual for anything? Or that time you had trouble setting up or fixing something? Fun fact: last week I ran into a user’s manual of a television I set up. Out of curiosity, I randomly read through the manual. Something caught my attention: apparently, the television is capable of repelling mosquitoes once hooked on the right speakers. This got I thinking about all user’s manuals I have discarded in a past, and perhaps how much information I have missed out over the years?

I come to further admit, it is perfectly fine, to seek out help when needed. This doesn’t really matter as to what kind of a task it is. Although it is always good and encouraged for one to strive their best and figure out something on their own: but why waste that time, if someone else, already solved the task? Why not simply look it up, thereby sparing time to troubleshoot through something else, that has not yet been solved?

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