Arrowed Cupid: 6 of 7

Somehow, I was always at peace
No matter what happened:
Astray my designated mission headed to
Accompanied by misery of all times,
I was never home
When I said I would be there
She always came back
Hoping I would be there, another time
So much of her time I wasted
No guilt I felt, during all those times
She called I a dickhead,
Insulting my Do Not Disturb sign
Stating it looked ridiculously stupid
Delegating my dirty place,
As an enhanced total shithole
Though delegated,
As an enhanced total shithole,
Very neat and clean,
My dirty place used to be
During the first times her and I met
Very innocent, it all was
Thoughts of I,
Having sex with her in my head,
Were lobotomized
Cherishing abandoned practices,
Doomed as being evil
Signaling failure of the suffering poor,
To cope up, with advancing modernization
Set to improve,
Ways in which people related
Forcing many, to forget about,
An Interacting Seer
Who was revealed, unto I

Love insights ignited from HeteroSexual Chaos, a Decided Entrapment. Accessed in many stores and libraries in electronic and audio formats. Have a blast and stay cool.

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