Arrowed Cupid: 7 of 7

Embarrassing misery,
Tightly wrapped around her heart,
I decided to make up for all the times
Her and I, planned to meet
But I never showed, because I was a dickhead
Apologies I made, explaining what happened,
Were accepted
She believed in second chances, I didn’t
Either way, she forgave I
Her and I, were reunited and purified,
In presence of floating black roses
Bright white sand, covered surroundings
Hearts we owned,
Were cherished with passionate true love
Decisions we made,
Were never thought through
Burning life desires, in a moment
Acceptance for each other, her and I, had
She was always right, I believed it
Wronging all dreams we celebrated,
Including dirty ones,
She planned to finally experience,
In my dirty place
She became too much in my face
I could not take it anymore
A restraining order, was served to her.

Love insights ignited from HeteroSexual Chaos, a Decided Entrapment. Accessed in many stores and libraries in electronic and audio formats. Have a blast and stay cool.

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