Roamed Struggles: 4 of 6

Many lost and acquainted hearts, With long lost hope and trapped decisions, Claimed; Nothing good of any kind Happened after two o’clock in a morning Unfortunately, many habitants of that place Believed it, failing to accept a fact: If something was true, They never had to believe Those demented perverts lied And no, though it was already past two o’clock, In a morning, before noon I was not extremely intoxicated, Neither smothered, by my target’s looks, Or groovy vibes It was all true and happening, I felt it all; Through my two exploring fingers Sucked deep, into the treasure of … Continue reading Roamed Struggles: 4 of 6

Arrowed Cupid: 6 of 7

Somehow, I was always at peace No matter what happened: Astray my designated mission headed to Accompanied by misery of all times, I was never home When I said I would be there She always came back Hoping I would be there, another time So much of her time I wasted No guilt I felt, during all those times She called I a dickhead, Insulting my Do Not Disturb sign Stating it looked ridiculously stupid Delegating my dirty place, As an enhanced total shithole Though delegated, As an enhanced total shithole, Very neat and clean, My dirty place used to … Continue reading Arrowed Cupid: 6 of 7