Cadaver Architect: 2 of 11

Imprints of a lens, define The Cadaver Architect,
As an independent, intelligent, brave
Yet, most caring soul,
Ever harvested, throughout centuries
Fame and hard work, were a glimpse
Of greatness, encapsulated in her beauty
Astonishingly, with sciences and logic
She reigned, the elite of the elite
Among delegated accredited researchers,
She voiced, with authority
Respect and honor, vision and integrity,
She advised, all who admired her
Most importantly, her work
Her work which included
Transformation of a researcher
It wasn’t your ordinary kind of a researcher
But a distinguishable one
It was an elite researcher
The elite researcher,
Who followed footprints, of The Cadaver Architect
The Cadaver Architect, could never be forgotten
Her name was meant to live on, forever,
Through her creations, the ones which
Actually succeded and survived
The elite researcher, was no exception
Pointing to a unproven fact that: to present day
The Cadaver Architect, still lives

Captured Life Insights from Ricocheting Regrets, Sadness in my Positivity. Accessed in several stores and libraries in electronic and audio formats. All Rights Reserved.

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