Arrowed Cupid: 2 of 7

The teenager next door,
Used to stand high up on my roof
Screaming out loud,
How much he hated his girlfriend
And everything they did,
Since a day they scheduled to meet
He clicked,
She clicked, and they clicked
It was a total nightmare of clicks
Thanks be to massive weird internet time,
In person interacting and relating,
Were deemed awful by many
The teenager next door,
Also did the only decent thing he could do;
Covered up his scheduled relationship,
With his clicked and hated girlfriend,
With a no occasion party,
On every fourth day of a fifth week,
Of every other month
Lively expressing to a rest of a world,
A day on which,
He hated his clicked girlfriend
Renewing a failed enchanted agreement,
He drunkenly signed, on a beautiful night out
The signed enchanted agreement,
Was meant to be burnt,
At an enchanted door hinge,
Of a dirty place

Love insights ignited from HeteroSexual Chaos, a Decided Entrapment. Accessed in many stores and libraries in electronic and audio formats. Have a blast and stay cool.

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