Arrowed Cupid: 3 of 7

The teenager next door,
Celebrated the fourth day of a fifth week,
Of every other month
Not because; He exploited his clicked,
And hated girlfriend so much,
Or because her bosoms were too great
He celebrated that day,
Simply because: It was all in vain,
Thinking he had no choice
A surviving carrier pigeon,
From Haling Travel
Delivered a dedicated message to
The teenager next door
Saying he had a choice, without an opinion
The teenager next door,
Failed to decrypt the message
His brain, was far beyond indecency,
Encapsulated in my indecency
The teenager next door,
Had to keep the party alive
Knowing a hidden importance,
Of the no occasion party
Thrown on every fourth day, of a fifth week,
Of every other month
It was a very chaotic day;
The same day on which,
An Interacting Seer was revealed unto I
And also, the same day on which,
Life of
The teenager next door,
Was never to be the same
Life of,
The teenager next door,
Was to be ruined forever
Till his little sister, agreed to break a seal
Containing a locked heart of his,
With destroyed enchanted feelings
Never belonging to him
Those feelings,
The teenager next door,
Stole from a rising mudslide
Envisioned by an Interacting Seer,
Were revealed unto I,
As belonging to: a glorified healer of love

Love insights ignited from HeteroSexual Chaos, a Decided Entrapment. Accessed in many stores and libraries in electronic and audio formats. Have a blast and stay cool.

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