Dry Humped Life: 3 of 4

Boys will be girls, girls will be girls Constant screaming out of desires A vacuum seal was created Bound by retarded traditions and norms Wise sayings were not so wise Let your life be dry humped Boys will be girls, girls will be girls A penis used to be a vagina A vagina was always a vagina A penis changed back to a vagina A vagina gets a chance to be a penis Let your life be dry humped Boys will be girls, girls will be girls I had tequila for breakfast I stayed inside my house I never invited … Continue reading Dry Humped Life: 3 of 4

Lesbian Challenge: 3 of 8

A fashion and beauty industry, Wasn’t the one, I planned to inherit Shit got real, before she dropped in Interrupting my rehearsal, it never had to happen I searched her daily schedule, Displayed results were too many Somehow, I froze on a search button I could not have it all, she was one of a kind All tan lines I previously had, were no more It would have been a good thing, If there were no public nudity regulations An environment I lived in, Eagerly handed I, a ‘what the fuck look’ My resulting expression, was meaningless In her opinion, … Continue reading Lesbian Challenge: 3 of 8

Arrowed Cupid: 5 of 7

You may call I queer, black trash, or both But I used to be great: Twisted and dark humor, Formulated an accepted format In which I presented myself, With sparks of enlightened evil deeds, Embedded deeply in my eyes Scooped up by intruders Regardless of their original intentions I knew, it was all meaningless Little of a choice or opinion, like The teenager next door, I possessed: Never to abandon A mission I was on Those who diverted I, From my destined and intended mission, I carefully and cheerfully destroyed Though later on I realized So much time I wasted … Continue reading Arrowed Cupid: 5 of 7

Arrowed Cupid: 3 of 7

The teenager next door, Celebrated the fourth day of a fifth week, Of every other month Not because; He exploited his clicked, And hated girlfriend so much, Or because her bosoms were too great He celebrated that day, Simply because: It was all in vain, Thinking he had no choice A surviving carrier pigeon, From Haling Travel Delivered a dedicated message to The teenager next door Saying he had a choice, without an opinion The teenager next door, Failed to decrypt the message His brain, was far beyond indecency, Encapsulated in my indecency The teenager next door, Had to keep … Continue reading Arrowed Cupid: 3 of 7