Rocking Devil: 6 of 8

Recurring new seasons came With blowing winds, sowing occurred Harvesting giants arrived, yields were counted, And profits were shared Here I sat, crossing my fingers and toes Looking for nutritional facts, on a tequila bottle Recapturing a past, long gone I still felt it Deep within I, crushing my poor bones Lasting impressions, the Rocking Devil left I wished it was forever, and it never let go I felt my full potential, and new challenges I was determined, to take on and smash A sludge hummer, was of no use, my hands Were well equipped and strengthened Effects of the … Continue reading Rocking Devil: 6 of 8

Lesbian Challenge: 3 of 8

A fashion and beauty industry, Wasn’t the one, I planned to inherit Shit got real, before she dropped in Interrupting my rehearsal, it never had to happen I searched her daily schedule, Displayed results were too many Somehow, I froze on a search button I could not have it all, she was one of a kind All tan lines I previously had, were no more It would have been a good thing, If there were no public nudity regulations An environment I lived in, Eagerly handed I, a ‘what the fuck look’ My resulting expression, was meaningless In her opinion, … Continue reading Lesbian Challenge: 3 of 8