Elite Researcher’s Cry: 6 of 7

In an urban, well-settled metropolitan area, Occupied with several Burnt Heavens, I resided It was wonderful, it was marvelous With access to all, I ever craved and dreamt of: A fast paced life, with limited time, To try and figure out, other humans around How their lives are, or what they hoped to accomplish Immortality, was a concept, I was working on Not so interesting facts, I found out about it Immortal humans, would be a total nuisance At least, at the moment, mortal humans, Live, and know, one day they will be gone Some live to their fullest, thus … Continue reading Elite Researcher’s Cry: 6 of 7

Roamed Struggles: 4 of 6

Many lost and acquainted hearts, With long lost hope and trapped decisions, Claimed; Nothing good of any kind Happened after two o’clock in a morning Unfortunately, many habitants of that place Believed it, failing to accept a fact: If something was true, They never had to believe Those demented perverts lied And no, though it was already past two o’clock, In a morning, before noon I was not extremely intoxicated, Neither smothered, by my target’s looks, Or groovy vibes It was all true and happening, I felt it all; Through my two exploring fingers Sucked deep, into the treasure of … Continue reading Roamed Struggles: 4 of 6

Arrowed Cupid: 7 of 7

Embarrassing misery, Tightly wrapped around her heart, I decided to make up for all the times Her and I, planned to meet But I never showed, because I was a dickhead Apologies I made, explaining what happened, Were accepted She believed in second chances, I didn’t Either way, she forgave I Her and I, were reunited and purified, In presence of floating black roses Bright white sand, covered surroundings Hearts we owned, Were cherished with passionate true love Decisions we made, Were never thought through Burning life desires, in a moment Acceptance for each other, her and I, had She … Continue reading Arrowed Cupid: 7 of 7