Elite Researcher’s Cry: 6 of 7

In an urban, well-settled metropolitan area, Occupied with several Burnt Heavens, I resided It was wonderful, it was marvelous With access to all, I ever craved and dreamt of: A fast paced life, with limited time, To try and figure out, other humans around How their lives are, or what they hoped to accomplish Immortality, was a concept, I was working on Not so interesting facts, I found out about it Immortal humans, would be a total nuisance At least, at the moment, mortal humans, Live, and know, one day they will be gone Some live to their fullest, thus … Continue reading Elite Researcher’s Cry: 6 of 7

Elite Researcher’s Cry: 5 of 7

Inventions were a necessity New revolving eras, I the Elite Researcher I initiated and guided; it was all on my watch New eras, densely embedded with, and deeply in: Sciences, technologies, discoveries, and innovations All aiming at: advancing, sophisticating, And simplifying, of our daily lives Cutting edge technology, I had unlimited access to So experienced, and inspirational, I was Training, The brightest and most intelligent brains Including those, currently residing on mars Fulfilling my predecessor’s anticipations And plans A few works, of my predecessor, my transformer, The one and only: the greatest of the great An elite of the elite, … Continue reading Elite Researcher’s Cry: 5 of 7

Elite Researcher’s Cry: 4 of 7

Positive, enthusiastic, courageous, brave A list goes on, I was determined, To scoop every medal of greatness Ever established, by the human species, and Any other form of life, I was yet to discover, Found on different planets, far beyond my touch I was on a mission, a personally designed mission Motivated, yet realistic, I was to achieve it all Everything, I ever imagined or thought of, Came to life Greatness, I still had News anchors from unexpended nations Together with their messengers and assistants Reviewed my works and studies Daily publications, to accommodate less fortunate, Mentally, Were published and … Continue reading Elite Researcher’s Cry: 4 of 7

Elite Researcher’s Cry: 3 of 7

Days and nights, my brains and mind Drenched in thoughts, and blazed with ideas Quality studies, I initiated, distinguishing I A new Elite Researcher, from the rest The rest, I found, in Frozen Hell, despite of all Burnt Heavens surrounding them It was I, the newly transformed Elite Researcher, In charge of it all A new place, I rested my brains, calling home My mind, was scattered, but at peace I could hear clearly, everything Sounds of vibrations, of a hummingbird’s flight Were calm, relaxing, and enlightening I thought I saw and heard it all, it was a delusion Through … Continue reading Elite Researcher’s Cry: 3 of 7

Elite Researcher’s Cry: 2 of 7

Everything, as in everything, And I deadly mean everything Spiraled out of control, it was expected A blindfold, I had on, I clearly saw through A future, of the Elite Researcher I had been here before. Nothing had changed Not even the weather, it was all the same Darkness, I breathed in, danger, I sniffed And regrets to come, I observed from a distance I had to ensure my own safety, Before even that, of the Elite Researcher Bad news, the Elite Researcher became His fall, was to be a hard one Defying, all laws of gravity, motion, nature And … Continue reading Elite Researcher’s Cry: 2 of 7