Trusted Failure 8-9 of 9

A new physical cuisine,
We tried out, later that night
I kept an open mind,
With hope, it would taste better
I was lying to myself, she was repelling
We weren’t ready to place our sexual desires,
On hold, for diapers and all nasty baby screams
What happened to all birth control we practiced?
And most importantly; her latex dress?
We both realized one thing during that time,
Neither her or I, depended on anyone
Yet we did a lot together
Damaged heterosexuals, with lost hope, we were
I thought of taking my things and walking away
It would have been for the best
She promised to destroy I
Spending the rest of the day in the bathroom,
Came in handy
Gladly, our bathroom was one of a kind,
Consisting of a unique toilet, one of those
Which flash upwards, it was very relaxing
Shit, I left my phone in the sitting room
What was I going to do?
In the damn tiny bathroom…

It hit I, a night her and I
Tangoed in a hallway,
Telling each other, not to do anything;
The other would never do
One of those things was: Having a baby
Her and I, often made fun of,
Parents who ran up and down
With ruined lives,
Caused by children who were,
To hate them later in life
I remembered all the fun we used to have
I walking around with a bird, on my shoulder
Not sure what I aimed at, but she liked it
Wait a bloody fucken minute,
There is no way, she could have been pregnant
On the dinner date we pretended to have,
She imbibed large amounts of tequila
Was she trying to drown the fetus in alcohol?
Would I confront her?
What for?
Drowning an unwanted fetus?
Or it all being a hoax?

Trailing towards an Enchanted Path

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