Hey, Lets Make a Baby


Probably not a great hookup line no matter how many shots of tequila one has drown themselves in, but, but the weather is calling for it. And no, I despise the use of pickup lines. It sounds more like a Thursday morning and trash is ready for pickup.
It is quite interesting as to how the term hooking up varies in meaning and action. Some claim it’s simple and plain; indicating a brief encounter; others, a kiss of passion; and of course, my favorite: those who take the term literally: like hooking up a fish following a bait. The latter ensures that one is penetrated to the fullest and since I prefer the latter, I am most definitely going with that.

In this twenty-first sextury, a trending trail of self-reliance and independence is capturing minds of many. I cannot deny it; I am a victim too. Unfortunately, this trending trail creates issues when trying to make a connection with someone especially if it is with a sole purpose of hooking up with them. Let us not forget about shyness blended in lives of many and the aspect of sex which has been deemed evil in societies of many. Also, a trait of appreciating others is lately rare making it more difficult in approaching someone. However, I am one of a kind who lets someone in close proximity know when they have something nice. It doesn’t matter if I know you or not, for all that is considered is that you are stationary, thus earn yourself a well-defined compliment.

A query rises as to what kind of a hookup line should be used if a moment is “right”? I have interacted with several individuals but I don’t think I can ever tell when the moment is right, or even know what the crap it all means? In most cases, it is difficult for one to know what the other is thinking. Thanks be to a rise in creativity as some could be seeking intellectual stimulation with an aim of satisfying their urgent mental and sexual needs. A society of openness is one that I desperately love to live in someday. It will be a place where one can simply blurry it out: hey, your body is smokin’ hot, and I am fucken high as fuck, let’s make a damn baby.

Much as that sounds very inappropriate in tympanic membranes of many, am sure it would save lives of many. This includes those cursed down upon due to misinterpreted and mixed signals. Call I queer again but the query remains unanswered as to how one can tell an admired stranger: “let’s make a baby”. Probably also, it isn’t a good hookup line to use in a club on someone you met about a week ago. Don’t ask how I know all about it, suck it up and take it in; it’s the absolute damn truth. I also call horseshit on this thing called playing hard to get.

Spotting someone from a distance with a rocking outline excites blazing neurons in my brain charms. This calls for a need to find means on how best to approach the individual. Quick brain activity and creativity has to provide I with an amazing hookup line meant to embrace and satisfy the moment. This is because I am not a fun of traditional hookup lines which sound lame. I prefer to be creative and at least transform an ordinary hookup line into something exciting. This will have to cause someone to squash their eyes once they hear it. It will have to seem as if it were their eyes that heard my cool phrase. It would be perhaps a way of the individual signaling that they are struggling to wrap their brains around my amazing and coolly transformed hookup line. This initiates their admiring of my creative brain charms.

Not to leave you hanging, I am going to offer you a few newly transformed ordinary hookup-lines to keep the rhythm rocking:
I smell that you desperately want I;
is that a mirror in your pocket, I definitely see myself deeply in you;
are you from Tennessee? You must be able to take it all in;
I have been counting and you are a ten, let’s make a baby;
you look too relaxed, I should rest on you;
your body is rocking like hell, can I exploit it?

I will probably make another post with just cool and amazingly transformed traditional plus ordinary hookup lines. In the meantime, leave a comment which screams; ABSOLUTE HOOKING UP.

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  1. Nadine says:

    Ah… Joseph…. I missed your awesome self and writing so much!!!! You beautiful, honest, good-humoured and brilliant human being. Much love to you xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Joseph says:

      Awwh Nadine… Missed you too. You are the bestest 👏 👏 😍 though for the times I have sneaked in a few minutes on wordpress, I can’t access your posts 😯😓😔 I think for the last two months. It says am not authorized to view them 😓😢😭😭😭😭

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nadine says:

        Thank you Joseph 😭🥰🙏😍 yes I’ve had some issues (mainly loathing of my own writing 🙄😆 ;)), I made it private again several weeks ago to get on with things without having to think about it, and only i can access it… can’t change what that page says without upgrading. I will put it back up soon, prob’ly today, as I’ve been writing. :)) Much love, thanks for caring :)) xoxoxo


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