Strange Excitement: The Return


So, I have to wear sanitary pads and it’s coming to four weeks following intralesional cryotherapy of a terrible keloid on my groin. Maximum respect to ladies who wear this stuff monthly, graciousness! The discomfort, pant bulging and having to switch them throughout the day? Oh! hell no, this shit is exhausting. However, great thanks and applauds go out to inventors of these things.

Right after cryotherapy, I tried gauze dressing but it soaked in a few hours. A dear lady friend suggested sanitary pads. It sounded like one of our casual jokes but she actually had a point and provided I with a sample of an ultra-thin one. It did work and I can say I got to experience that feeling. In my mind, it makes a perfect hangout story, and also got applauds from a nearby shop attendant. The attendant thought that I am a caring love bird buying for my special someone, sanitary wear. The last she had seen I, was when I bought pantyliners and I received strange looks from others. Sanitary pads and pantyliners are normal items we have to embrace. I don’t get it as to why one would be ashamed to buy them. The shop attendant’s strange excitement got I a thinking of offering sanitary pads this time, instead of condoms as Valentine’s Day gifts. I come to admit, cryotherapy is in did an actual bitchy bitch.

Anyway, well-known it is that what defines us is how we get back up when we fall without offering excuses. We get to experience a sweet enticing feeling of getting back on our feet when down; as we work towards achieving set goals and accomplishments. These range from simple moments such as adding extra five pushups on one’s daily routine, to becoming an elite of the elite athlete; and of course, achieving one’s career plus a love of a life. However, we should never forget the tiny mini moments which occur during life aspects and workouts, which bring us tremendous joy and excitement.

A lot is happening lately but we should stay on track of who truly we are, or how we got where we are in the first place. Furthermore, those close to us shouldn’t be taken for granted or how we got to know them. Social, political, economic and emotional life events are setting us downfall, but we struggle to have it all and keep at our A game, as we Embrace resulting Awkwardness.

In plans of becoming better than the person I was before, I hope to resume regular postings on this site as well as accompanying YouTube channel, and living more in a moment, the way it used to be. My love life won’t be forgotten about, since I realize that for one’s life to be complete, one needs a true companion to share with everything; as in literary everything. How about you? Are you still working towards your career? How about your exercising plan? And family life? How about a love life? Am aiming at having it all this time; and who in the bloody heavenly hell says that I can’t?

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  1. Chris Hall says:

    A thoughtful post, Joseph! Hope you heal up soon.

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    1. Joseph says:

      Thank you Chris 🤗😊 Keep being awesome 👊 🙌🕊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Chris Hall says:

        …and back at you, awesome one!

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